A separate entity definition

A separate entity means that the controller decides to delegate all or part of the processing activities to an external organisation. Within a group of companies, one company can be a processor to another company acting as controller, as both companies are separate entities. On the other hand, a department within a company cannot generally be a processor to another department within the same entity.

Examples of A separate entity in a sentence

A separate entity, the juvenile court, not the Board, exists to adjudicate matters concerning juveniles.

A separate entity called an investment adviser creates the mutual fund, which may have no employees of its own.

A separate entity from left atrial enlargement: a consensus report.

A separate entity, Fuel South LLC, distributes motor fuel to the Flash Foods retail operations.

A separate entity, the Bureau of National Investigations, handles cases considered critical to state security and answers directly to the Ministry of National Security.

A separate entity from IFMA, the IFMA Foundation receives no funding from annual membership dues to carry out its mission.

A separate entity may, with written authorization from the controller, subscribe to a PVC that allows communication between entities.

The site investigation results and the detailed risk assessment (1) and, based on these, an options appraisal and remediation strategy giving full details of the remediation measures required and how they are to be undertaken.

A separate entity, New Zealand Timber and Paper Limited, was set up as a trading arm to market the products (such as timber for construction and paper products) resulting from the harvesting of the forests and to fund continuing research.

A separate entity from the City and County of San Francisco, the SFRA’s powers, such as the right to condemn properties, use tax increment financing, and authorize land use within redevelopment project areas, derive from state law.

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