A Third Party Sample Clauses

A Third Party. 4.1 You acknowledge that certain service of Hangzhou E-Room Smart Tech.,Co.,Ltd. and its suppliers is based on software or services provided by a third party. Such service is set to facilitate your application and necessary legal authorization is obtained from the third party.
A Third Party. Clearing Participant shall not be entitled to enter into any LCH EnClear Contract with LCH and ICE acknowledges and agrees that only LCH EnClear Clearing Members shall be entitled to enter into LCH EnClear Contracts with LCH in respect of LCH EnClear Transactions. In all dealings between LCH EnClear Clearing Members and LCH (including those originated by Third Party Clearing Participants) LCH EnClear Clearing Members shall act as principal and ICE shall make provision in the ICE Documentation that all contracts entered into between those of its Participants who are LCH EnClear Clearing Members and LCH shall be made by each such person as principal and not as agent at any time.
A Third Party. Except Party A or Party B, under no circumstances shall the Agreement, either explicitly or implicitly, bestow any person with any rights or remedial measures or enable any person to be titled to such rights due to the Agreement.
A Third Party. Tag Offer may not contain provisions related to any property of the Tag Offeror other than Series A Units held by such Offeror, and the offer price set forth in such Third Party Tag Offer shall be expressed only in terms of cash (in U.S. dollars). Any proposed Disposition of Series A Units not satisfying the terms of this Section 7.6 may not be made unless otherwise expressly permitted pursuant to the provisions of this Article 7. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Section 7.6 shall not be applicable to, and the Tag Offerors may Dispose of Series A Units without complying with, any of the provisions of this Section 7.6 in connection with, any Disposition of Series A Units (i) to Permitted Transferees, (ii) made pursuant to a Drag-Along Transaction or (iii) made pursuant to Section 7.7. Further for the avoidance of doubt, a proposed Disposition by the Tag Offeror described above may constitute a Disposition covered by Section 7.4 and the waiver or failure of a Tag Offeree to exercise its rights under Section 7.4, if applicable, shall not preclude such Tag Offeree from exercising its rights under this Section 7.6.

Related to A Third Party

Sale to Third Party Any Shares held by a Transferring Restricted Stockholder that are the subject of the Transaction Offer and that the Transferring Restricted Stockholder desires to Transfer following compliance with this Section 3.4, may be sold to the Buyer only during the period specified in Section 3.4(d) and only on terms no more favorable to the Transferring Restricted Stockholder than those contained in the Offer Notice. Promptly after such Transfer, the Transferring Restricted Stockholder shall notify the Company, which in turn shall promptly notify all the Investors, of the consummation thereof and shall furnish such evidence of the completion and time of completion of the Transfer and of the terms thereof as may reasonably be requested by a Preferred Majority. Prior to the effectiveness of any Transfer to a Buyer hereunder, such Buyer shall have entered into a Joinder Agreement in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibit A, and such Buyer shall have all the rights and obligations hereunder as if such Buyer were a Restricted Stockholder. In the event that the Transaction Offer is not consummated within the period required by this Section 3.4 or the Buyer fails timely to remit to each participating Investor its respective portion of the sale proceeds, the Transaction Offer shall be deemed to lapse, and any Transfer of Shares pursuant to such Transaction Offer shall be in violation of the provisions of this Agreement unless the Transferring Restricted Stockholder sends a new Offer Notice and once again complies with the provisions of Sections 3.3 and 3.4 with respect to such Transaction Offer.
Sales to Third Parties Proceeds received from Material purchased from the Property by third parties shall be credited by Paltar to the Operating Account at the net amount collected by Paltar from the buyer. If the sales price is less than that determined in accordance with the procedure set forth in clause 5.2 of this Accounting Procedure, then approval by the Operating Committee shall be required prior to the sale. Any claims by the buyer for defective materials or otherwise shall be charged back to the Operating Account if and when paid by Paltar.
Application to third parties Save as provided in this Clause 18.7 or as expressly provided elsewhere in this contract, no person who is not a party to this contract shall have any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of this contract.
Delegation to Third Parties Except where prohibited by applicable law or regulation, the Sub-Adviser may delegate or may employ a third party to perform any accounting, administrative, reporting and ancillary services required to enable the Sub-Adviser to perform its functions under this Agreement. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Agreement, the Sub-Adviser may provide information about the Adviser and any Fund to any such third party for the purposes of this paragraph, provided that the third party is subject to a confidentiality agreement that specifically prevents the misuse of any such information, including portfolio holdings. The Sub-Adviser will act in good faith and with due diligence in the selection, use and monitoring of third parties and shall be solely responsible for any loss, mistake, gross negligence or misconduct caused by such third party.
No Third Parties Nothing in this Agreement is intended to, nor shall it confer any rights on a third party.
Unaffiliated Third Parties Nothing herein shall impose any duty upon the Transfer Agent in connection with or make the Transfer Agent liable for the actions or omissions to act of unaffiliated third parties such as, by way of example and not limitation, airborne services, the U.S. mails and telecommunication companies, provided, if the Transfer Agent selected such company, the Transfer Agent shall have exercised due care in selecting the same.
No Infringement of Third Party IP Rights None of the Acquired Corporations has ever infringed (directly, contributorily, by inducement, or otherwise), misappropriated, or otherwise violated or made unlawful use of any Intellectual Property Right of any other Person or engaged in unfair competition. No Company Product, and no method or process used in the manufacturing of any Company Product, infringes, violates, or makes unlawful use of any Intellectual Property Right of, or contains any Intellectual Property misappropriated from, any other Person, other than in an immaterial manner. There is no legitimate basis for a claim that any of the Acquired Corporations or any Company Product has infringed or misappropriated any Intellectual Property Right of another Person or engaged in unfair competition or that any Company Product, or any method or process used in the manufacturing of any Company Product, infringes, violates, or makes unlawful use of any Intellectual Property Right of, or contains any Intellectual Property misappropriated from, any other Person, other than in an immaterial manner. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing:
Use of Third Parties DIR may elect to solicit and receive bids from third parties to perform any New Services. If DIR elects to use third parties to perform New Services, (i) such New Services shall not be deemed "Services" under the provisions of this Agreement and (ii) Service Provider shall cooperate with such third parties as provided in Section 4.5.
Received From Third Party Such information was or is hereafter rightfully received by the party from a third party (expressly excluding the Fund’s custodian, prime broker and administrator) without restriction on its disclosure and without breach of this Agreement or of a similar confidential disclosure agreement regarding them; or
Third Party The term “