Accident Sample Clauses

Accident. INVESTIGATIONS Whenever an accident occurs involving the equipment or personnel of a Supporting Party, the Protecting Party shall take immediate steps to notify the Supporting Party that an accident has occurred. As soon as practical, the Protecting Party shall initiate an investigation of the accident. A team made up of appropriate representatives from all affected agencies shall conduct the investigation. Costs for investigation personnel are Party-specific and will be borne by the sending Party. Other accident or incident investigation costs are the fiscal responsibility of the Party (ies) that has jurisdiction and/or investigative responsibility. The sharing of information between Parties on accident investigations and their findings and probable causes is a valuable tool for safety and must be encouraged.
Accident. If bodily injury not hereinafter excepted, resulting solely from an accident sustained by an employee while insured shall from the date of accident, directly and independently of all other causes, wholly and continuously disable the employee and prevent him from performing any and every duty pertaining to his occupation or employment, the Company will pay during the continuance of such disability a Weekly Indemnity in the amount of and for the period as set out in the Schedule of Benefits. For each working day of any such period of disability for which Weekly Indemnity is payable and which is less than a full week, the Company will pay a one-fifth part of the amount of such Weekly Indemnity. It is hereby provided that the word "week" as used herein shall mean a period of 5 working days. An employee shall not be insured for and no Weekly Indemnity shall be payable for any disability:
Accident. Accident involving the unit member's person, property, or that of his/her immediate family of such an emergency nature that the immediate presence of the unit member is required during the workday.
Accident. An unfortunate incident that occurs unexpectedly and suddenly, provoked by an external cause, always without the insured's intention, which causes injury or bodily trauma and requires immediate ambulatory medical attention and/or patient's hospital admission. The medical information related to the accident will be evaluated by the insurer, and the compensability will be determined under the general policy's provisions.
Accident involving the unit member's person or property or the person or property of a member of the immediate family.