Accidents Sample Clauses

Accidents. If a death, serious personal injury or substantial property damage occurs in connection with CONTRACTOR’s performance of this Agreement, CONTRACTOR shall immediately notify Mendocino County Risk Manager's Office by telephone. CONTRACTOR shall promptly submit to COUNTY a written report, in such form as may be required by COUNTY of all accidents which occur in connection with this Agreement. This report must include the following information: (1) name and address of the injured or deceased person(s); (2) name and address of CONTRACTOR's sub-contractor, if any; (3) name and address of CONTRACTOR's liability insurance carrier; and (4) a detailed description of the accident and whether any of COUNTY's equipment, tools, material, or staff were involved.
Accidents. A. Accidents for which the employee is at fault, or for which his action or lack of action is a contributory factor, will result in disciplinary action, which may range from "Reprimand" to "Dismissal" according to the seriousness of the accident, the degree of negligence or carelessness and frequency of accidents. Failure to report any accident as soon as possible will result in the employee's being subject to dismissal.
Accidents. In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle the Hirer must:
Accidents. When an accident occurs that, in the Employer's opinion, is chargeable to a Bargaining Unit Member, the Bargaining Unit Member will be notified of such chargeability before any action has been taken with respect to such chargeability. A Bargaining Unit Member will have recourse through the grievance or complaint procedure (as appropriate) beginning with the Commissioner of the Department of Administration level.
Accidents. Any employee involved in any accident shall immediately report the accident and any physical injury sustained by any person involved. The employee shall make out an accident report on forms supplied by the Employer and shall tum in all available names and addresses of witnesses to the accident. Accident reports shall be presented in compliance with present policy, a copy of which shall be included in the Employer rules. Failure to comply with this provision shall subject an employee to disciplinary action by the Employer.
Accidents. Lessee shall immediately notify Maxim of any accident involving personal injury and/or property damage arising from the transportation, possession, use, maintenance or repair of the Equipment, so that Maxim’s ability to investigate the accident is not prejudiced. Maxim shall have immediate access to, and right of retrieval and repair of the Equipment. Lessee shall not remove Equipment or components thereof from the site. Maxim shall make or have the sole right to direct all repairs occasioned by any accident. Lessee shall immediately deliver to Maxim any summons, pleading, notice, or paper of any kind involving any claim, suit or proceeding relating to any accident or event involving the Equipment. Lessee shall not aid or abet the assertion of any such claim, suit or proceeding, and shall fully cooperate with Maxim in investigating and defending the same. In the event of an accident involving damage to the Equipment arising from the acts, omissions, misfeasance or malfeasance of Lessee, including, but not limited to Lessee’s employees, agents, representatives, subcontractors or independent contractors, Lessee shall be responsible for costs of repairs and related expenses. All repairs must meet manufacturer’s specifications and the Equipment must be certified by the manufacturer. Maxim and Lessee acknowledge and agree that the replacement cost shall be used to determine the value of the Equipment in order to establish the amount of the loss or the damage thereto. Rental payments shall not be applied to loss or damage claims. The lease term and rental period shall continue to run while the Equipment is being repaired and shall continue to run until all repairs are completed and paid, unless the parties hereto agree otherwise in writing.
Accidents a. In the event of an accident, the Concessionaire shall, by most expeditious means, inform the concerned Civil and Police Authorities and also the Authority. The Concessionaire's responsibilities with regard to the operation of the Project shall in no way be diminished by informing the above officials, as it shall be required to take expeditious action for the medical and legal aspects notwithstanding any delay on the part of these officials to give any instructions. The Concessionaire shall preserve the Project Site of such accident intact, until completion of all legal formalities. The Concessionaire shall then arrange for the expeditious removal of the wreckage or debris and for cleaning the Project Site. If any portion of the Ecotourism & Adventure Park suffers any damage, the Concessionaire shall, with the consent of Authority, arrange for the repair and rectification thereof.