Adjudicated definition

Adjudicated means having received a verdict of guilty by a judge or jury or having pled guilty or nolo contendere. Except where otherwise indicated, "adjudicated" does not include deferred adjudication unless the deferred adjudication is revoked and a sentence is imposed.
Adjudicated as used in these rules means that the Juvenile Court has entered an order declaring that a child is neglected, dependent, a minor requiring authoritative intervention, a delinquent minor or an addicted minor.
Adjudicated means paid, resolved, or settled.

Examples of Adjudicated in a sentence

Adjudicated bankrupt or formally seeks relief of its financial obligations.

Adjudicated bankrupt or formally seeks relief of his financial obligations.

Adjudicated encounter data will be used to determine medical expenses.

Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) will be paid an Adjudicated Payment Amount per Discharge (APAD) for those Inpatient Services for which all other in-state acute hospitals are paid an APAD.

Denied Claim — An Adjudicated Claim that does not result in a payment obligation to a Provider.

More Definitions of Adjudicated

Adjudicated means where MHSAL determines whether an individual who is a resident of the Province of Manitoba is eligible for a Benefit under any of the Provincial Drug Programs and includes a determination of any applicable deductible in respect of the individual;
Adjudicated or "adjudication" means as defined by W.S. 14‑6‑201(a)(i);
Adjudicated means that the Juvenile Court has entered an order declaring that a child is neglected, abused, dependent, a minor
Adjudicated means Contractor’s determination that a Member’s Claim for services is either fully or partially accepted as Contractor’s liability, not accepted for any liability, lacks enough information or valid information to make a determination or has the need for additional information in order for Contractor to determine Contractor’s liability.
Adjudicated means that another Hague Contracting State has made a formal judgment or decision over the same request.
Adjudicated means a sustained petition