Advise definition

Advise means the act of sending an Advice from Broker.
Advise. “apply”, “approve”, “approval”, “consent”, “certify”, “direct”, “notice”, “notify”, “request”, or “require”, means advise, apply, approve, approval, consent, certify, direct, notice, notify, request or require in writing as the case may be and any inflexion or derivation of any of those words has a corresponding meaning;

Examples of Advise in a sentence

Advise Owner in advance when these events are known or predictable.

Advise applicants of the ordinance provisions, assist in preparing permit applications and appeals, and assure that the regional flood elevation for the proposed development is shown on all permit applications.

Advise the victim that there is no guarantee the suspect will remain in custody.

Advise the victim whether any type of court order will be in effect when the suspect is released from jail.

Advise COTR in advance when such events are known or predictable.

More Definitions of Advise

Advise means the advice issued by IOCL Representatives to RSC OPERATOR Representatives for dispatch of product from RSC to the customer.
Advise means the system operator placing information or other material required to be provided or made available under the policy statement on its website. The system operator must use its best endeavours to send an e- mail to participants telling them the information or other material has been placed on the system operator’s website.
Advise means to recommend, suggest or inform.
Advise means action in writing taken by the Shire or another to acquaint the recipient with details of an intended land use or development on an information-only basis.
Advise means the act of sending an Advice from Broker. Standard form dated 09.10.09