Agencies Sample Clauses

Agencies. If Advertiser is using an advertising agency in connection with this Agreement, Advertiser and such agency (the “Agency”) shall be jointly and severally liable for compliance with the terms of this Agreement and any Order. Station may pursue any applicable remedies in the event of default of this Agreement (including any non-payment) against Advertiser or Agency or both without any requirement of first seeking a remedy from one or the other. This Agreement renders void any statements concerning liability which may appear on correspondence from Agency or Advertiser. Advertiser and Agency further agree that Station does not and will not accept orders or space reservations claiming sequential liability. Advertiser shall be solely responsible for any commission or other payment due to Agency.
Agencies. 2.1.1. The General Contractor will be responsible for coordination, supervision, execution, and report preparation for the testing, adjusting, and balancing requirements of this Section in coordination with the Owner’s Independent Performance Assurance Contractor.
Agencies. If Buyer seeks regulatory or safety agency approval for its own product into which Products of Seller under this Agreement are incorporated, Seller shall cooperate and fully support Buyer as requested. Seller will cooperate with agency inspections (e.g., UL, CSA, etc.) relating specifically to the Products.