Agency Sample Clauses

Agency. 18.1 If the name of a licensed real estate agent is recorded on this agreement, it is acknowledged that the sale evidenced by this agreement has been made through that agent whom the vendor has appointed as the vendor’s agent according to an executed agency agreement.
Agency. (a) Lender hereby irrevocably appoints Hercules Capital, Inc. to act on its behalf as the Agent hereunder and under the other Loan Documents and authorizes the Agent to take such actions on its behalf and to exercise such powers as are delegated to the Agent by the terms hereof or thereof, together with such actions and powers as are reasonably incidental thereto.
Agency. Agency will be in default under this Grant if, after 15 days written notice specifying the nature of the default, Agency fails to perform, observe or discharge any of its covenants, agreements, or obligations under this Grant; provided, however, Agency will not be in default if Agency fails to disburse Grant Funds because there is insufficient expenditure authority for, or moneys available from, the Funding Source.
Agency. For purposes of sending and receiving notices and payments required by this Contract, the reinsured company that is set forth first in the Preamble to this Contract shall be deemed the agent of all other reinsured companies referenced in the Preamble. In no event, however, shall any reinsured company be deemed the agent of another with respect to the terms of the Insolvency Article.
Agency. The Original Member shall have the power, right and authority to act as agent for the LLC on all LLC matters.
Agency. Neither Party is, nor will be deemed to be, an employee, agent or representative of the other Party for any purpose. Each Party is an independent contractor, not an employee or partner of the other Party. Neither Party shall have the authority to speak for, represent or obligate the other Party in any way without prior written authority from the other Party.
Agency. Neither the IPTV Operator nor ZEEL shall be or hold itself out as the agent of the other under this Agreement except with the express written consent of the other. No subscribers shall be deemed to have any privity of contract or direct contractual or other relationship with ZEEL by virtue of this Agreement or by ZEEL’s delivery of the services to the IPTV Operator.
Agency. Neither Party is, nor shall be deemed to be, an employee, agent, co-venturer, or legal representative of the other Party for any purpose. Neither Party shall be entitled to enter into any contracts in the name of, or on behalf of the other Party, nor shall either Party be entitled to pledge the credit of the other Party in any way or hold itself out as having the authority to do so.