AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PARTIES. 1. The Producer shall produce and deliver to the BBC a radio programme or series of programmes, the detail of which is set out in Schedule 2 (“the Programme”), and the BBC shall pay the Licence Fee, in accordance with (i) the terms contained in the Special Terms set out in Schedule 1 to this Agreement (“Special Terms”), (ii) the BBC’s General Terms for the Production of Radio Programmes by Independent Producers (November 2015) (a copy of which has been provided to the Producer and which is also published on plus its schedules (“the General Terms”), and (iii) the other Schedules to this Agreement.
AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PARTIES. It is agreed between the parties:
AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PARTIES. 2.1. St. Croix County agrees to implement the mitigation items identified as St. Croix County's responsibilities in accordance with the relevant provisions of the MOU, attached as Exhibit A.
AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PARTIES. 2.1 The Governmental Unit will provide individuals to coordinate and instruct training courses in one or more of the following classes: “Standardized Field Sobriety Testing” (“SFST”), “Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement” (“ARIDE”), and “DWI-SFST Updates” (“Update”). The Governmental Unit will instruct the class(es) following authorization by the State’s Authorized Representative. Each participating instructor provided by the Governmental Unit must: 1) be licensed as a Peace Officer as defined by the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (“POST Board”); 2) be recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) as recognized instructors trained under the auspices of the Office of Minnesota SFST-DRE Coordinator; 3) be in good standing with the Governmental Unit and have consistently maintained positive course critiques and evaluations from prior instruction; and 4) adhere to the State of Minnesota’s standards for SFST training which is incorporated into this Agreement by reference. The Governmental Unit will submit to the State’s Authorized Representative the following items within ten (10) calendar days after completion of any class:  Invoice for the participating instructor identifying the date(s) and hours worked and the overtime rate of pay including fringe benefits;  Roster of all class attendees;  Completed written examinations;  Course evaluations and critiques;  Alcohol workshop logs (when applicable); and  Waiver of claims (when applicable). The Governmental Unit shall not subcontract any work, duties or tasks pursuant to this Agreement.
AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PARTIES. This agreement reflects the total agreement between the parties in relation to its objective, therefore the same cancels and leaves without effect any other agreement, covenant or letter of intent which was previously executed in relation to the same objective. This agreement is enforceable in all its terms and conditions to all heirs, assignees and successors of the parties. Both parties agree upon the ratification of this document before a Notary Public and to register it in the Mining Public Registry according to the Mining Law and its Regulations.
AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PARTIES. In the event this Application is accepted by bank, the above named ATM Operator, ISO and Bank (Collectively, the "Parties) hereby agree: (1) Bank will sponsor ATM Terminal and financial transactions on the ATM Terminal that ATM Operator financially participates in. ATM Operator and ISO acknowledge that they have signed a separate agreement governing the placement and operation of the ATM Terminal(s) and to abide by the terms of such separate agreement; (2) The Parties agree at all times to comply with applicable laws and regulations. (3) ATM Operator and ISO agree to comply at all times with all system and network rules, including but not limited to the Plus system, Inc., MasterCard/Cirrus, etc. Bylaws and Operating Regulations may be amended from time to time; (4) The Bank may terminate this Agreement in Bank's sole discretion or in the event that either ATM Operator or ISO fail to comply with this Agreement and/or with the Bylaws and Operating Regulations; (5) ATM Operator and ISO will indemnify and hold harmless the Bank, Processor, the Networks (including but not limited to Plus Systems, Inc.) and Network members, from and against any and all claims, losses or damages arising out of ATM Operator's or ISO's failure to comply with this Agreement, with applicable laws and regulations, and with the Bylaws and Operating Regulations. (6) The surcharge amount shall be fair and reasonable. A COPY OF DRIVER'S LICENSE OR GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED FOR EVERY NEW ATM OPERATOR
AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PARTIES. A. The Producer and the BBC have completed their negotiations concerning the commissioning by the BBC from the Producer of the Programme (as defined below) in accordance with the ‘CODE OF PRACTICE ON BBC’S DEALINGS WITH INDEPENDENT PRODUCERS FOR TELEVISION PROGRAMMES COMMISSIONED BY THE BBC’ and the associated ‘BBC Business Framework for the Commissioning of Independent Productions dated 16 October 2013’ (“BBC Terms of Trade”) and now wish to record their agreement in writing.
AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PARTIES. Any agreement reached between the Members as a result of the Mediation shall be final and binding on the Company and all Members.
AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PARTIES. 1. The Producer shall produce and deliver to the BBC a radio programme or series of programmes, the detail of which is set out in Schedule 2 (“the Programme”), and the BBC shall pay the Licence Fee, in accordance with