Any and All Remedies Sample Clauses

Any and All Remedies. Agent may take any and all actions and avail itself of any and all rights and remedies available to Agent under this Agreement, any other Loan Document, under law or in equity, and the rights and remedies herein and therein provided shall be cumulative and not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided by applicable law or otherwise.

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Exclusive Remedies Subject to Section 10.11, the parties acknowledge and agree that their sole and exclusive remedy with respect to any and all claims (other than claims arising from fraud, criminal activity, or willful misconduct on the part of a party hereto in connection with the transactions contemplated by this Agreement) for any breach of any representation, warranty, covenant, agreement, or obligation set forth herein or otherwise relating to the subject matter of this Agreement, shall be pursuant to the indemnification provisions set forth in Article VI and this Article VIII. In furtherance of the foregoing, each party hereby waives, to the fullest extent permitted under Law, any and all rights, claims, and causes of action for any breach of any representation, warranty, covenant, agreement, or obligation set forth herein or otherwise relating to the subject matter of this Agreement it may have against the other parties hereto and their Affiliates and each of their respective Representatives arising under or based upon any Law, except pursuant to the indemnification provisions set forth in Article VI and this Article VIII. Nothing in this Section 8.07 shall limit any Person’s right to seek and obtain any equitable relief to which any Person shall be entitled or to seek any remedy on account of any party’s fraudulent, criminal, or intentional misconduct.
Warranties and Remedies The Supplier warrants that for a period of 12 months after acceptance of the Goods: a) the Goods are of good quality and free from defects in design and workmanship, b) the Goods are manufactured with only new and unused materials; c) the Goods correspond exactly with the requirements of the Agreement and the reasonable expectations of Sioux regarding the characteristics, quality and reliability of the Goods. In the event of a breach of warranty the Supplier shall, during the warranty period, repair or replace, at Sioux’ discretion, the defective Goods free of charge. Sioux shall notify the Supplier of a warranty issue as soon as possible, and at least within 14 calendar days of discovery of the defect, in writing. Goods repaired or replaced within the warranty period, assume the remainder of the original warranty period, or are warranted for a 6 months period, whichever period is longer. Defects caused by unauthorized modifications, use or improper installation of the Goods by, or on behalf of Sioux shall not be considered a breach of warranty. The Supplier warrants that it performs Services using the duty of care as set out in article 3 and according to the description (including any completion criteria) stated in the PO. The remedy for breach of the warranty for Services shall be re-performance by the Supplier, without charge, of the defective part of the Services. The Supplier warrants it shall comply with all privacy and data protection laws and regulations applicable to its Services or Goods.
Other Remedies If an Event of Default occurs and is continuing, the Trustee may pursue any available remedy to collect the payment of principal, premium, if any, and interest on the Notes or to enforce the performance of any provision of the Notes or this Indenture. The Trustee may maintain a proceeding even if it does not possess any of the Notes or does not produce any of them in the proceeding. A delay or omission by the Trustee or any Holder of a Note in exercising any right or remedy accruing upon an Event of Default shall not impair the right or remedy or constitute a waiver of or acquiescence in the Event of Default. All remedies are cumulative to the extent permitted by law.
Remedies In addition to being entitled to exercise all rights provided herein or granted by law, including recovery of damages, each of the Purchasers and the Company will be entitled to specific performance under the Transaction Documents. The parties agree that monetary damages may not be adequate compensation for any loss incurred by reason of any breach of obligations contained in the Transaction Documents and hereby agree to waive and not to assert in any Action for specific performance of any such obligation the defense that a remedy at law would be adequate.
Nonexclusive Remedies All remedies provided in this Agreement may be exercised individually or in combination with any other available remedy. Contractor shall notify the JBE immediately if Contractor is in default, or if a third party claim or dispute is brought or threatened that alleges facts that would constitute a default under this Agreement. If Contractor is in default, the JBE may do any of the following: (i) withhold all or any portion of a payment otherwise due to Contractor, and exercise any other rights of setoff as may be provided in this Agreement or any other agreement between a Judicial Branch Entity and Contractor; (ii) require Contractor to enter into nonbinding mediation; (iii) exercise, following Notice, the JBE’s right of early termination of this Agreement as provided herein; and (iv) seek any other remedy available at law or in equity.
Breach; Remedies Failure of either party to perform any obligation of this Contract shall be deemed a breach. Except as otherwise provided for by law or this Contract, the rights and remedies of the parties shall not be exclusive and are in addition to any other rights and remedies provided by law or equity, including but not limited to actual damages, and to a prevailing party reasonable attorneys' fees and costs. It is specifically agreed that reasonable attorneys' fees shall not exceed $150.00 per hour.
Warranty Remedies Customer will notify Marketo of any warranty deficiencies under Section 6.2 within 30 days of the performance of the relevant Subscription Services, and Customer's exclusive remedy will be the re-performance of the deficient Subscription Services. If Marketo cannot re-perform such deficient Subscription Services as warranted, Customer will be entitled to terminate the deficient Subscription Services under Section 5.2 above and recover a pro-rata portion of the fees paid to Marketo for such deficient Subscription Services, and such refund will be Marketo's entire liability.
Additional Remedies The rights, powers and remedies given to Bank hereunder shall be cumulative and not alternative and shall be in addition to all rights, powers and remedies given to Bank by law against Borrower or any other person, including but not limited to Bank's rights of setoff or banker's lien.