Appellate courts definition

Appellate courts means the county courts at law of Nueces County that have criminal appellate jurisdiction.
Appellate courts e-filing system" ("ACES") means the system utilized by the appellate courts to accept and transmit electronic documents.
Appellate courts means the Supreme Judicial Court and the Appeals Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Examples of Appellate courts in a sentence

Appellate courts affirm the conviction unless no reasonable fact-finder could find the elements of the crime proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Appellate courts do not have the latitude to substitute their discretion for that of the trial court.

Appellate courts decline to second-guess a trial court’s decision absent an abuse of discretion.

Appellate courts are “bound by a trial court’s decision as to the length of the sentence imposed so long as it is imposed in a manner consistent with the purposes and principles set out in sections -102 and -103 of the Sentencing Act.” Id. at 346.

The supreme court shall budget and track expenditures by the following separate organization codes:(1) Iowa court information system.(2) Appellate courts.

Josh serves as co-chair of the firm’s Labor, Employment Law and Employee Benefits Department.Josh has tried cases in state and federal courts, argued before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the Connecticut Supreme and Appellate courts and the Massachusetts Appeals Court, and litigates extensively before administrative tribunals.

Appellate courts review questions of law under a de novo standard and owe no deference to a trial court’s legal conclusions.

Appellate courts must be careful not to substitute their own discretion in place of the supervising judge's (New Skeena Forest Products Inc., Re, 2005 BCCA 192, 39 B.C.L.R. (4th) 338 (B.C. C.A.), at para.

Bidder hereby agrees and consents to personal and/or in rem jurisdiction of the trail and appropriate Appellate courts.

Appellate courts are obligated to seek an interpretation of a statute that upholds its constitutionality.

More Definitions of Appellate courts

Appellate courts means the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit and the United States Supreme Court.
Appellate courts means the New Jersey Superior CourtAppellate Division, the New Jersey Supreme Court, and the United States Supreme Court.
Appellate courts means the supreme court and the court of appeals.
Appellate courts refers to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and the Supreme Court of the United States.
Appellate courts means CAFC;

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Juvenile court means the court having jurisdiction of juvenile matters in the several counties of this state.