Appointment of Sample Clauses

Appointment of. REPRESENTATIVE FUTURES INVESTMENT hereby appoints Representative to act as Sales Representative in connection with the sales of registered and unregistered securities. At all times you shall act as an independent contractor, nothing contained in this agreement shall be construed to create the relationship of employer and employee between you and us. Representative agrees not to hold himself out as Officer, Director or employee of FUTURES INVESTMENT. Subject to the terms conditions contained herein, in your capacity as an independent contractor you shall represent us in soliciting application for the purchase of securities of any investment company or other issuer for which we act as dealer or underwriter, and you shall be free to exercise your own judgment as to the persons whom you will solicit and the time, place and manner of solicitation. You shall pay your expenses in connection with your business as a Sales Representative hereunder. II.
Appointment of. FP Markets as attorney
Appointment of a member to a position with a salary range equal to their current range shall not be considered a promotion and shall not warrant a salary increase.
Appointment of. SECURITY TRUSTEE Each of the Senior Beneficiaries and the Mezzanine Beneficiaries hereby appoint the Security Trustee to act as its trustee in connection herewith and authorises the Security Trustee to exercise such rights, powers and discretions as are specifically delegated to the Security Trustee by the terms hereof together with all rights, powers and discretions as are reasonably incidental thereto or necessary to give effect to the trusts hereby created and each of the Senior Beneficiaries and the Mezzanine Beneficiaries irrevocably authorises the Security Trustee on its behalf to enter into any and each Security Document and (if applicable) any Subordination Agreement.
Appointment of. REPRESENTATIVE
Appointment of a Dean from within the BCGEU Regular Membership‌
Appointment of a surplus employee to an alternate position, with or without the requirement for retraining, shall normally be at a level equivalent to that previously held by the employee but this does not preclude appointment to a lower level. If appointed to a position at a lower level, the employee shall be accorded salary protection pursuant to paragraph F2.48 of this article.