Appropriate definition

Appropriate means the treatment's timing and setting are proper and cost effective. Medical treatments which are not proven, effective and appropriate are not covered by the Plan.
Appropriate means that the services or supports or activities provided or undertaken by the organization are relevant to the consumer’s needs, situation, problems, or desires.
Appropriate means the sympathetic, or fitting, to the context of the site and the whole community.

Examples of Appropriate in a sentence

Appropriate action in relation to an employee will include disciplinary action in accordance with the Employer’s disciplinary and disciplinary termination procedure.

Appropriate adult to student ratios for supervision will be assured by the administration.

Appropriate techniques should be used to remove potentially contaminated clothing.

Durable Medical Equipment is equipment which is:• Designed and intended for repeated use;• Primarily and customarily used to serve a medical purpose;• Generally not useful to a person in the absence of disease or injury; and• Appropriate for use in the home.

Appropriate measures should be taken to control the generation and accumulation of dust during conveying and processing operations.

More Definitions of Appropriate

Appropriate means the treatment's timing and setting are proper and cost effective.
Appropriate means to take, obtain, use, transfer, conceal or retain possession of;
Appropriate clothing means a supply of clothing that is sufficient, in good repair, accounts for a variety of occasions and seasons, and appropriate to age, size, gender, and level of activity. Modification or adaptation of clothing fasteners should be considered based on the needs of an individual with a physical disability to be independent.
Appropriate means nothing less than effective, suitable, proper or fitting to redress or undo the prejudice, impropriety, unlawful enrichment or corruption, in a particular case (para 71(e));
Appropriate means licensed or certified child care under WAC 170-290-0125, or an approved in-home/relative provider under WAC 170-290-0130.
Appropriate means to exercise control, or to aid a third person to exercise control, over property of another person permanently or for so extended a period or under such circumstances as to acquire a major portion of its economic value or benefit, or to dispose of property for the benefit of the actor or a third person.
Appropriate means at the closing market price for bonds with a remaining term equal to or nearest to the period, on or most recently before the day the Commitment is made, as published by the Bank of Canada. Where there is no such remaining term nearer to the period than all the others, the nearest longer remaining term will apply.