At all times Sample Clauses

At all times the Receiving Party shall keep and maintain all Confidential Information of the Disclosing Party in a safe and secure place with reasonable safeguards to insure that unauthorized persons do not have access to such Confidential Information. Upon discovery of any unauthorized disclosure or use of Confidential Information of the Disclosing Party, the Receiving Party shall immediately notify the Disclosing Party and take all reasonable steps to prevent its further unauthorized disclosure or use.
At all times conduct themselves in a professional manner including;
At all times during performance of the Work on the Project, including during any partial use or occupancy by Owner or others, Contractor shall, and shall cause all Subcontractors and Vendors to, abide by each and all of the following requirements:
At all times. (a) Receive, take, endorse, assign, deliver, accept and deposit, in the name of Triumph or Client, any and all Proceeds of any Collateral securing the Obligations or the Proceeds thereof; (b) Take or bring, in the name of Triumph or Client, all steps, actions, suits or proceedings deemed by Triumph necessary or desirable to effect collection of or other realization upon Triumph’s Accounts; (c) File any claim in connection with any bond or any trust fund; (d) Pay any sums Triumph, in its sole and exclusive discretion, deems necessary including the discharge of any Security Interest, lien or encumbrance which may be senior to Triumph’s Security Interest in any assets of Client, which sums shall thereafter be included as Obligations hereunder; (e) File and enforce in the name of Client or Triumph, or both, a mechanics or any other form of lien or related notices, or claims under any payment bond, in connection with goods or services sold by Client; (f) Notify any Payor obligated with respect to any Account, that, inter alia, the Account has been assigned to Triumph by Client and that payment thereof is to be made to the order of and directly and solely to Triumph; (g) Communicate directly with Client’s Payors, regardless of whether any actual Obligation is due at the time of such communication, to verify the amount and validity of any Account created by Client; (h) Accept, endorse and deposit any checks tendered by an Account Debtor “in full payment” of its obligation to Client and Client shall not assert against Triumph any claim arising therefrom, irrespective of whether such action by Triumph effects an accord and satisfaction of Client’s claims, under §3-311 of the Uniform Commercial Code, or otherwise; (i) File, amend and correct any addresses with the proper federal, state and local authorities and (j) Affix an electronic version of the signature of Client to any notification of assignment or other communication sent by Triumph to an Account Debtor, the Internal Revenue Service or other governmental or regulatory agency.
At all times a) All insurances required by local legislation. ANNEX B LIST OF EXISTING SUBSIDIARIES OF THE BORROWER Name (Razão Social) CNPJ No.
At all times. (i) the Regular Trustee shall not be liable for any error of judgment made in good faith by a Responsible Officer of the Regular Trustee unless the Regular Trustee acted contrary to the specific provisions and intent of this Agreement with willfull misconduct, gross negligence or bad faith;
At all times a) All insurances required by applicable laws and regulations. Offer Letter No. CTA 1/20 ANNEX G EXISTING LIENS None. Offer Letter No. CTA 1/20 ANNEX H EXISTING AFFILIATE TRANSACTIONS All matters disclosed in Note 27 of the Borrower´s consolidated financial statements dated as of December 31, 2018. Offer Letter No. CTA 1/20 ANNEX I PERMITTED HOLDERS · GC Dominio S.A. · Blue Media Inc. · GS Unidos LLC · Fintech Holdings Inc. · Fintech Telecom LLC · Fintech Advisory Inc. · ELHN-Grupo Clarín New York Trust · 1999 Ernestina Laura Herrera de Noble New York Trust · HHM-Grupo Clarín New York Trust · HHM-Media New York Trust · LRP - Grupo Clarín New York Trust · LRP New York Trust · Mr. José Antonio Aranda · Mr. Héctor Horacio Magnetto · Mr. Lucio Rafael Pagliaro · Mr. David Manuel Martínez Guzmán · Mrs. Marcela Noble Herrera · Mr. Felipe Noble Herrera · Mrs. Marcia Ludmila Magnetto · Mr. Horacio Ezequiel Magnetto · Mr. Lucio Andrés Pagliaro · Mr. Francisco Pagliaro · Mrs. María Florencia Pagliaro Offer Letter No. CTA 1/20 ANNEX J PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES The Lenders do not finance projects or companies involved in the production, trade, or use of the products, substances or activities listed below:
At all times. 8.2 You agree to maintain during the term of this Agreement workerscompensation insurance as required by all applicable laws in the Territory. If permitted by applicable law, you may choose to insure yourself against industrial injuries by maintaining occupational accident insurance in place of workers’ compensation insurance. Furthermore, if permitted by applicable law, you may choose not to insure yourself against industrial injuries at all but do so at your own risk.