Breakdowns Sample Clauses

Breakdowns. When a bus breakdown occurs on any route and if the driver is going to be at least one-half hour late on the next route, the Transportation Supervisor shall secure a sub driver to drive the next route. In such cases, both drivers shall be paid for the next route at their applicable wage rate. Special Note: This section applies only to regular daily routes and to late afternoon routes driven by District drivers/buses.
Breakdowns. (a) MRWVC is not responsible for:
Breakdowns. 13.1. Neither the Contractor or Carrier shall be responsible to each other for any loss resulting from plant mixer and/or vehicle breakdowns.
Breakdowns. Should a breakdown or mechanical failure occur which the Driver cannot correct, the Driver should stay with the bus. Notify the bus garage or Dispatcher (via radio), or the Director, at (636) 327-3860 as soon as possible. Give as much information as possible to help get the bus back on route or to the bus garage. The Driver should:
Breakdowns. All reasonable steps have been taken to back up the LBC IT System in the event that a break down or significant damage or destruction occurs in relation to all or part of the LBC IT System.
Breakdowns. In the event of breakdown, malfunction, alarm soundings [engine overheating] or damage incurred to this rented vessel, or discovery of any defect after the acceptance of this rental vessel under the terms of this agreement, I, as Lessee and Captain, agree to immediately report such to the LESSOR’s representative [Larry Allegretto - 941-735-9460]. Furthermore, I acknowledge and agree that any further operation of the vessel will be at my risk. I must anchor and call BOATUS TOW [800-391-4896 Membership 20098625/ Capt. Larry Allegretto] to request a tow back to the dock. I also agree to have a viable cell phone with me at all times during the use of this vessel.
Breakdowns. In the twelve months prior to the date hereof the Group has not suffered and so far as the Seller is aware no other person has suffered any material failures or bugs in or breakdowns of any Information Technology used in connection with the business of the Group which have caused any substantial disruption or substantial interruption in or to its use.
Breakdowns. This demand is settled on the basis that the Company will not utilize Jobsetters to supplement the Custodian group, during overtime hours. PRODUCTION-ASSEMBLY ROOM WORKING CONDITION DEMANDS FROM LOCAL NEGOTIATIONS The following demands were resolved on the basis indicated: GENERAL: DEMAND #73 MASS REPAIRS This demand is settled on the basis that the parties have reached an understanding that the following guideline will be used when mass repairs are performed. Only employees that are tearing down to and replacing the defective part will be paid the repair classification rate. Employees that will be building up from that point will be paid the Assembler classification rate. The work will be performed by employees in Department 32. Any additional personnel required will be selected by departmental seniority within the combined Departments of 31 and 30.
Breakdowns. Upon reporting breakdowns to shop superintendent per instructions, drivers will be paid for the first eight (8) hours of each twenty-four (24) hours or fraction thereof at the applicable hourly rates of pay, plus their motel costs if instructed to remain with their equipment. If the drivers are instructed to return to their home terminal while the equipment is being repaired they shall be furnished transportation or reimbursed for the same plus their normal round-trip rate of pay.
Breakdowns. 10. In addition to normal notifiable disease reporting requirements, I will notify my approved veterinarian immediately if porcine brucellosis is detected or suspected in the herd.