Business and Technical Information Sample Clauses

Business and Technical Information. Client shall regularly furnish Consultant, at no charge to Consultant, with such of its technical, scientific, marketing, legal and financial information and data as may be reasonably necessary for the performance of the Services.

Related to Business and Technical Information

Technical Information The Employer agrees to provide to the Union such information that is available relating to employees in the bargaining unit, as may be required by the Union for collective bargaining purposes.
Intellectual Property Rights and Confidentiality Clauses 3.1 Party A shall have exclusive and proprietary ownership, rights and interests in any and all intellectual properties arising out of or created during the performance of this Agreement, including but not limited to copyrights, patents, patent applications, software, technical secrets, trade secrets and others. Party B shall execute all appropriate documents, take all appropriate actions, submit all filings and/or applications, render all appropriate assistance and otherwise conduct whatever is necessary as deemed by Party A at its sole discretion for the purposes of vesting any ownership, right or interest of any such intellectual property rights in Party A, and/or perfecting the protections for any such intellectual property rights in Party A.
Proprietary Materials Each of the Parties shall own its own intellectual property including without limitation all trade secrets, know-how, proprietary data, documents, and written materials in any format. Any materials created exclusively by IPS for the School shall be owned by IPS, and any materials created exclusively by Operator for the School shall be Operator’s proprietary material. The Parties acknowledge and agree that neither has any intellectual property interest or claims in the other Party’s proprietary materials. Notwithstanding the foregoing, materials and work product jointly created by the Parties shall be jointly owned by the Parties and may be used by the individual Party as may be agreed upon by both Parties from time to time.
Medical Information It will be the responsibility of the Employee returning to work to provide the Employer with medical evidence of the limitations associated with the disability. The procedure to determine that an Employee is fit to perform the duties of his/her job or modified work must be made in such a way as to protect the confidentiality of the Employee’s medical information, which shall be limited to:
Sales Material, Information and Trademarks 6.1 For purposes of this Section 6, "Sales literature or other Promotional material" includes, but is not limited to, portions of the following that use any logo or other trademark related to the Trust, or Underwriter or its affiliates, or refer to the Trust: advertisements (such as material published or designed for use in a newspaper, magazine or other periodical, radio, television, telephone or tape recording, videotape display, signs or billboards, motion pictures, electronic communication or other public media), sales literature (i.e., any written communication distributed or made generally available to customers or the public, including brochures, circulars, research reports, market letters, form letters, seminar texts, reprints or excerpts or any other advertisement, sales literature or published article or electronic communication), educational or training materials or other communications distributed or made generally available to some or all agents or employees in any media, and disclosure documents, shareholder reports and proxy materials.
Background Technology List here prior contracts to assign Inventions that are now in existence between any other person or entity and you. ☐ List here previous Inventions which you desire to have specifically excluded from the operation of this Agreement. Continue on reverse side if necessary.
Confidential Information and Intellectual Property (a) Other than in the performance of the Executive’s duties hereunder, the Executive agrees not to use in any manner or disclose, distribute, publish, communicate or in any way cause to be used, disclosed, distributed, published, or communicated in any way or at any time, either while in the Company's employ or at any time thereafter, to any person not employed by the Company, or not engaged to render services to the Company, any Confidential Information (as defined below) obtained while in the employ of the Company.
Confidential Information Intellectual Property You acknowledge and agree that, as a result of your employment, you will have access to trade secrets and other confidential or proprietary information of the Company and its customers and vendors (“Confidential Information”). Such information includes, but is not limited to: (i) customers and clients and customer or client lists, (ii) accounting and business methods, (iii) services or products and the marketing of such services and products, (iv) fees, costs and pricing structures, (v) designs, (vi) analysis, (vii) drawings, photographs and reports, (viii) computer software, including operating systems, applications and program listings, (ix) flow charts, manuals and documentation, (x) databases, (xi) inventions, devices, new developments, methods and processes, whether patentable or unpatentable and whether or not reduced to practice, (xii) copyrightable works, (xiii) all technology and trade secrets, and (xiv) all similar and related information in whatever form. You agree that you shall not disclose or use at any time, either during your employment with the Company or thereafter, any Confidential Information, except to the extent that such disclosure or use is directly related to the Company’s business, or unless required to by law, or unless and to the extent that the Confidential Information in question has become generally known to and available for use by the public other than as a result of your acts or omissions to act. In addition, you further agree that any invention, design or innovation that you conceive or devise from your use of Company time, equipment, facilities or support services belong exclusively to the Company, and that it may not be used for your personal benefit, the benefit of a competitor, or for the benefit of any person or entity other than the Company.
Licensed Technology (a) Except as set forth on Exhibit D, LICENSOR, LICENSOR is not aware of any interference, infringement, misappropriation, or other conflict with any intellectual property rights of third parties, and LICENSOR has never received any charge, complaint, claim, demand, or notice alleging any such interference, infringement, misappropriation, or violation (including any claim that LICENSOR must license or refrain from using any intellectual property rights of any third party). To the knowledge of LICENSOR, no third party has interfered with, infringed upon, misappropriated, or otherwise come into conflict with any of the LICENSED TECHNOLOGY.
Confidential Information and Inventions (a) The Executive recognizes and acknowledges that in the course of his duties he is likely to receive confidential or proprietary information owned by the Company, its affiliates or third parties with whom the Company or any such affiliates has an obligation of confidentiality. Accordingly, during and after the Term, the Executive agrees to keep confidential and not disclose or make accessible to any other person or use for any other purpose other than in connection with the fulfillment of his duties under this Agreement, any Confidential and Proprietary Information (as defined below) owned by, or received by or on behalf of, the Company or any of its affiliates. “Confidential and Proprietary Information” shall include, but shall not be limited to, confidential or proprietary scientific or technical information, data, formulas and related concepts, business plans (both current and under development), client lists, promotion and marketing programs, trade secrets, or any other confidential or proprietary business information relating to development programs, costs, revenues, marketing, investments, sales activities, promotions, credit and financial data, manufacturing processes, financing methods, plans or the business and affairs of the Company or of any affiliate or client of the Company. The Executive expressly acknowledges the trade secret status of the Confidential and Proprietary Information and that the Confidential and Proprietary Information constitutes a protectable business interest of the Company. The Executive agrees: (i) not to use any such Confidential and Proprietary Information for himself or others; and (ii) not to take any Company material or reproductions (including but not limited to writings, correspondence, notes, drafts, records, invoices, technical and business policies, computer programs or disks) thereof from the Company’s offices at any time during his employment by the Company, except as required in the execution of the Executive’s duties to the Company. The Executive agrees to return immediately all Company material and reproductions (including but not limited, to writings, correspondence, notes, drafts, records, invoices, technical and business policies, computer programs or disks) thereof in his possession to the Company upon request and in any event immediately upon termination of employment.