Business Sample Clauses

Business. Landlord acknowledges that it is not the intent of this Section 30 to prohibit Tenant from using the Premises for the Permitted Use. Tenant may operate its business according to prudent industry practices so long as the use or presence of Hazardous Materials is strictly and properly monitored according to all then applicable Environmental Requirements. As a material inducement to Landlord to allow Tenant to use Hazardous Materials in connection with its business, Tenant agrees to deliver to Landlord prior to the Commencement Date a list identifying each type of Hazardous Materials to be brought upon, kept, used, stored, handled, treated, generated on, or released or disposed of from, the Premises and setting forth any and all governmental approvals or permits required in connection with the presence, use, storage, handling, treatment, generation, release or disposal of such Hazardous Materials on or from the Premises (“Hazardous Materials List”). Tenant shall deliver to Landlord an updated Hazardous Materials List at least once a year and shall also deliver an updated list before any new Hazardous Material is brought onto, kept, used, stored, handled, treated, generated on, or released or disposed of from, the Premises. Tenant shall deliver to Landlord true and correct copies of the following documents (the “Haz Mat Documents”) relating to the use, storage, handling, treatment, generation, release or disposal of Hazardous Materials prior to the Commencement Date, or if unavailable at that time, concurrent with the receipt from or submission to a Governmental Authority: permits; approvals; reports and correspondence; storage and management plans, notice of violations of any Legal Requirements; plans relating to the installation of any storage tanks to be installed in or under the Project (provided, said installation of tanks shall only be permitted after Landlord has given Tenant its written consent to do so, which consent may be withheld in Landlord’s sole and absolute discretion); all closure plans or any other documents required by any and all federal, state and local Governmental Authorities for any storage tanks installed in, on or under the Project for the closure of any such tanks; and a Surrender Plan (to the extent surrender in accordance with Section 28 cannot be accomplished in 3 months). Tenant is not required, however, to provide Landlord with any portion(s) of the Haz Mat Documents containing information of a proprietary nature which, in and o...
Business. The purpose and nature of the business of the Partnership is to conduct any business that may lawfully be conducted by a limited partnership organized pursuant to the Act; provided, however, that such business shall be limited to and conducted in such a manner as to permit the Company at all times to be qualified as a REIT under the Code, unless the board of directors of the Company determines to cease to qualify as a REIT. To consummate the foregoing and to carry out the obligations of the Partnership in connection therewith or incidental thereto, the General Partner shall have the authority, in accordance with and subject to the limitations set forth elsewhere in this Agreement, to make, enter into, perform and carry out any arrangements, contracts or agreements of every kind for any lawful purpose, without limit as to amount or otherwise, with any corporation, association, partnership, limited liability company, firm, trustee, syndicate, individual or any political or governmental division, subdivision or agency, domestic or foreign, and generally to make and perform agreements and contracts of every kind and description and to do any and all things necessary or incidental to the foregoing for the protection and enhancement of the assets of the Partnership.
Business. (a) The Lead Borrower will not permit at any time the business activities taken as a whole conducted by the Lead Borrower and its Restricted Subsidiaries to be materially different from the business activities taken as a whole conducted by the Lead Borrower and its Restricted Subsidiaries on the Closing Date (after giving effect to the Transaction) and Similar Business.
Business. The Partnership is formed to engage in any lawful act or activity for which limited partnerships may be organized under the Act, including, but not limited to, directly or indirectly through a commodity trading advisor, trading, buying, selling, spreading, or otherwise acquiring, holding, or disposing of commodities (including, but not limited to, foreign currencies, mortgage-backed securities, money market instruments, financial instruments, and any other securities or items which are now, or may hereafter be, the subject of futures contract trading), domestic and foreign commodity futures contracts, forward contracts, commodity forward contracts, foreign exchange commitments, options on physical commodities and on futures contracts, spot (cash) commodities and currencies, exchange of futures contracts for physicals transactions, exchange of physicals for futures contracts transactions, and any rights pertaining thereto (hereinafter referred to collectively as “futures interests;” provided, however, such definition shall exclude exchange securities futures products as defined by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”), options in securities futures and options in equities) and securities (such as United States Treasury securities) approved by the CFTC for investment of customer funds and other securities on a limited basis, and to engage in all activities incident thereto. The Partnership may pursue this objective in any lawful manner consistent with the Partnership’s trading policies. The Partnership may engage in the foregoing activities through any lawful transaction or any lawful activity into which a limited partnership may enter or in which a limited partnership may engage under the laws of the State of Delaware; including, but not limited to, through an investment of all or a portion of its assets in multiple trading companies (the “Trading Companies”) (provided that such transactions or activities do not subject the Limited Partners to any liability in excess of the limited liability provided for herein and contemplated by the Act.)
Business. Since its formation, the Issuer has conducted no business other than the execution, delivery and performance of the Transaction Documents contemplated hereby, the purchase of Loans thereunder, the issuance and payment of the Notes and such other activities as are incidental to the foregoing. The Issuer has incurred no Debt except that expressly incurred hereunder and under the other Transaction Documents.