CALCULATION OF RECOVERY. WHEN A RESTRUCTURING LOSS HAS BEEN PAID Note: This is an example only and not representative of any transaction. Shared-Loss Month: [input month] Loan No.: [input loan no.)
CALCULATION OF RECOVERY. WHEN A RESTRUCTURING LOSS HAS BEEN PAID Note: This is an example only and not representative of any transaction.
CALCULATION OF RECOVERY. WHEN A RESTRUCTURING LOSS HAS BEEN PAID Note: This is an example only and not representative of any transaction. Shared-Loss Month: [input month] Loan No.: [input loan no.) NOTE The calculation of recovery on a loan for which a Restructuring Loss has been paid will only apply if the loan is sold. EXAMPLE CALCULATION Restructuring Loss Information Loan principal balance before restructuring $ 200,000 A NPV, restructured loan 165,000 B Loss on restructured loan $ 35,000 A - B Times FDIC applicable loss share % (80%) 80 % Loss share payment to Assuming Institution $ 28,000 C Calculation — Recovery amount due to Receiver Loan sales price $ 190,000 NPV of restructured loan at mod date 165,000 Gainstep 1 25,000 D PLUS Loan UPB after restructuring (1 ) 200,000 Loan UPB at liquidation date 192,000 Gain — step 2 (principal collections after restructuring) 8,000 E Recovery amount 33,000 D + E Times FDIC loss share % 80 % Recovery due to FDIC $ 26,400 F Net loss share paid to Assuming Institution (C — F) $ 1,600 Proof Calculation (2 ) Loan principal balance $ 200,000 G Principal collections on loan 8,000 Sales price for loan 190,000 Total collections on loan 198,000 H Net loss on loan $ 2,000 G - H Times FDIC applicable loss share % (80%) 80 % Loss share payment to Assuming Institution $ 1,600


Allocation of Recovery In the event an actual pecuniary loss is suffered by any two or more of the Insureds under circumstances covered by the terms of the Bond, any recovery under the Bond shall be allocated among such Insureds as follows:
Allocation of Recoveries (a) If more than one of the parties hereto is damaged in a single loss for which recovery is received under the policy, each such party shall receive that portion of the recovery which represents the loss sustained by that party, unless the recovery is inadequate to fully indemnify such party sustaining loss.
Sharing of Recoveries Each Purchaser agrees that if it receives any recovery, through set-off, judicial action or otherwise, on any amount payable or recoverable hereunder in a greater proportion than should have been received hereunder or otherwise inconsistent with the provisions hereof, then the recipient of such recovery shall purchase for cash an interest in amounts owing to the other Purchasers (as return of Capital or otherwise), without representation or warranty except for the representation and warranty that such interest is being sold by each such other Purchaser free and clear of any Adverse Claim created or granted by such other Purchaser, in the amount necessary to create proportional participation by the Purchaser in such recovery. If all or any portion of such amount is thereafter recovered from the recipient, such purchase shall be rescinded and the purchase price restored to the extent of such recovery, but without interest.
Calculation of Fees Each Fund will pay to PIMCO as compensation for PIMCO’s services rendered, for the facilities furnished and for the expenses borne by PIMCO pursuant to Section 6, a fee, computed and paid monthly, at the annual rate for each Fund set forth in Schedule A. The average daily total managed assets or average daily net assets, as applicable, of a Fund shall be determined by taking an average of all the determinations of such amount during such month at the close of business on each business day during such month while this Agreement is in effect. Such fee shall be payable for each month within 5 business days after the end of such month. If the fees payable to PIMCO pursuant to this Section 5 with respect to a Fund begin to accrue before the end of any month or if this Agreement terminates before the end of any month, the fees payable by the Fund for the period from that date to the end of that month or from the beginning of that month to the date of termination, as the case may be, shall be pro-rated according to the proportion which the period bears to the full month in which the effectiveness or termination occurs. For purposes of calculating “total managed assets” or “daily net assets”, the liquidation preference of any preferred shares outstanding shall not be considered a liability. By way of clarification, with respect to any reverse repurchase agreement, dollar roll or similar transaction, “total managed assets” includes any proceeds from the sale of an asset of a Fund to a counterparty in such a transaction, in addition to the value of the underlying asset as of the relevant measuring date. In the event that PIMCO has agreed to a fee waiver or an expense limitation or reimbursement arrangement with a Fund, subject to such terms and conditions as PIMCO and the Fund may set forth in such agreement, the compensation due PIMCO hereunder shall be reduced, and, if necessary, PIMCO shall bear expenses with respect to the Fund, to the extent required by such fee waiver or expense limitation or reimbursement arrangement.
Determination of Applicable Interest Rate As soon as practicable on each Interest Rate Determination Date, Bank shall determine (which determination shall, absent manifest error in calculation, be final, conclusive and binding upon all parties) the interest rate that shall apply to the LIBOR Advances for which an interest rate is then being determined for the applicable Interest Period and shall promptly give notice thereof (in writing or by telephone confirmed in writing) to Borrower.
Calculation of CP Costs Not later than the 3rd Business Day immediately preceding each Monthly Reporting Date, each Conduit shall calculate the aggregate amount of CP Costs applicable to its CP Rate Loans for the Calculation Period then most recently ended and shall notify the Funding Agent, who shall promptly notify Borrower of such aggregate amount, not later than the 2nd Business Day immediately preceding such Monthly Reporting Date.
Calculation of Charges Contractor shall provide an invoice to the City on a monthly basis for goods delivered and/or Services completed in the immediate preceding month, unless a different schedule is set out in Appendix B, “Calculation of Charges.” Compensation shall be made for goods and/or Services identified in the invoice that the City, in his or her sole discretion, concludes has been satisfactorily performed. In no event shall the amount of this Agreement exceed [insert whole dollar amount in numbers and words -- no pennies and no “.00”]. The breakdown of charges associated with this Agreement appears in Appendix B, “Calculation of Charges.” A portion of payment may be withheld until conclusion of the Agreement if agreed to by both Parties as retainage, described in Appendix B. In no event shall City be liable for interest or late charges for any late payments. City will not honor minimum service order charges for any services covered by this Agreement.
Calculation of Amounts Except as set forth below, all amounts referenced in this Article II shall be calculated using the Dollar Amount determined based upon the Equivalent Amount in effect as of the date of any determination thereof; provided, however, that to the extent any Borrower shall be obligated hereunder to pay in Dollars any Borrowing denominated in a currency other than Dollars, such amount shall be paid in Dollars using the Dollar Amount of the Borrowing (calculated based upon the Equivalent Amount in effect on the date of payment thereof). Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the full risk of currency fluctuations shall be borne by the Borrowers and the Borrowers agree to indemnify and hold harmless each Local Currency Bank, each Japan Local Currency Bank, the Agent and the Banks from and against any loss resulting from any Borrowing denominated in a currency other than in Dollars.
Determination of One-Month LIBOR Pursuant to the terms of the Global Agency Agreement, the Global Agent shall calculate the Class Coupons for the applicable Classes of Notes (including MAC Notes on which the Exchange Administrator has directed the Global Agent to make payments) for each Accrual Period (after the first Accrual Period) on the applicable LIBOR Adjustment Date. “One-Month LIBOR” will be determined by using the “Interest Settlement Rate” for U.S. dollar deposits with a maturity of one month set by ICE Benchmark Administration Limited (“ICE”) as of 11:00 a.m. (London time) on the LIBOR Adjustment Date (the “ICE Method”). ICE’s Interest Settlement Rates are currently displayed on Bloomberg L.P.’s page “BBAM.” That page, or any other page that may replace page BBAM on that service or any other service that ICE nominates as the information vendor to display the ICE’s Interest Settlement Rates for deposits in U.S. dollars, is a “Designated Page.” ICE’s Interest Settlement Rates currently are rounded to five decimal places. If ICE’s Interest Settlement Rate does not appear on the Designated Page as of 11:00 a.m. (London time) on a LIBOR Adjustment Date, or if the Designated Page is not then available, One-Month LIBOR for that date will be the most recently published Interest Settlement Rate. If ICE no longer sets an Interest Settlement Rate, Freddie Mac will designate an alternative index that has performed, or that Freddie Mac (or its agent) expects to perform, in a manner substantially similar to ICE’s Interest Settlement Rate.
Calculation of Payments The State shall use the fee schedule set forth in Attachment E to the contract (Fee Schedule) in determining the value of the work performed up to the time of termination. In the case of partially completed engineering services, eligible costs will be calculated as set forth in Attachment E, Fee Schedule. The sum of the provisional overhead percentage rate for payroll additives and for general and administrative overhead costs during the years in which work was performed shall be used to calculate partial payments. Any portion of the fixed fee not previously paid in the partial payments shall not be included in the final payment.