Catalogs Sample Clauses

Catalogs. The Contractor’s catalogs furnished with the RFP response shall become a part of the Contract, and/or as negotiated. Contractor’s name and address should appear on all catalogs. Where a price list shows more than one column of prices, the Contractor shall clearly identify the column, which represents the gross prices charged to the Commonwealth and Participating Entities. Upon request, the Contractor shall furnish catalogs for items awarded directly to the Commonwealth and Participating Entities within three (3) business days.
Catalogs. Lycos shall provide and update the Local Catalogs, and be solely responsible for compiling, maintaining and updating the Lycos Catalog. Licensee shall not, without the prior written approval of Lycos in each instance, modify or change the Lycos Catalog in any respect. Lycos shall make the Local Catalogs and the Lycos Catalog available as provided in Section 6, and shall update the Local Catalogs and the Lycos Catalog as provided in Section 10.1.
Catalogs. (i) EFS agrees that (A) the first issue of each of the Catalogs shall be sent to consumers by March 15, 2008; and (B) no later than March 1, 2008, EFS shall be ready to perform all aspects of administration of the Catalog business, including, but not limited to, all Fulfillment Services.
Catalogs. For materials that spark a love of learning, look to our flagship catalogs— Early Childhood, Elementary, Infant & Toddler Environments and Gifts for Growing Minds. National Sales Division If you need in-person, expert support with product selection, consultation or classroom design, our sales team is ready to help. Their depth of knowledge and problem-solving abilities are at your service—in any city, state or region! Lakeshore Learning Store Today, you will find Lakeshore Learning Stores from coast to coast! Customers can stop by any store for exclusive learning materials, teacher discounts, lamination services, expert support from our associates and more! ■ Free Loyalty Club Enjoy 15% savings on hundreds of in-store items. ■ Free Crafts for Kids Stop by our stores every Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm. ■ Try Before You Buy 60+ stores nationwide! Want a closer look? We’ll open any package you like.
Catalogs. Supplier shall have web based catalog(s) and may deliver hard copies, CD-ROM, or electronic media copies of the most current catalog to each Purchasing Entity upon request. Supplier should provide Lead State with electronic copy of its most recent catalog within five (5) business days of publication.
Catalogs. Vendor will, at its cost, develop catalogs appropriate for EquipNet's clients including a general product overview, a wound care/diabetic/med/surg and a patient aids catalog. Four pages--outside and insider front and back covers--will be custom for EquipNet. Vendor will be sponsored in this as EquipNet's distribution partner. The diabetic/wound care/med-surg with basic DME will be available within 6 weeks of the date above. 4 10. ADMINISTRATION FEE / REPORTING REQUIREMENTS. As payment for EquipNet's development and administration of the Buying Program, Graham Field / Everest & Jennings agrees to the rebate the following:
Catalogs. Contractor shall maintain a website at for the Commonwealth which is programmed with the IT Hardware covered in this Contract at the prices negotiated with the Commonwealth through the RFP process. Contractor will provide and maintain individual case files, on-line-consulting, planning and process documentation. Such an application should allow for;
Catalogs. Tiffany also distributes catalogs of selected merchandise to its proprietary list of retail mail and telephone customers and to mailing lists rented from third parties. SELECTIONS(R) catalogs are published, supplemented by COLLECTIONS and other catalogs. Internet The Company distributes a selection of more than 2,000 products through its Web site at The Company expects to continue its expansion of merchandise selection and services on the site based on customer needs. ----------
Catalogs. The Customer has selected the following Catalog(s) for access during the Access Period.