Causes Sample Clauses

Causes. In addition to any disqualifying or actionable causes otherwise provided for by statute or by policy or regulation of this district, each of the following constitutes cause for personnel action against a permanent classified employee:
Causes. Each Partner expressly waives any right which it might otherwise have to dissolve the Partnership except as set forth in this Article 15. The Partnership shall be dissolved upon the first to occur of the following:
Causes. The Partnership shall be dissolved on the first to occur of any of the following events, and each Partner hereby expressly waives any right that it might otherwise have to dissolve the Partnership:
Causes. Anything herein or elsewhere to the contrary notwithstanding, this Agreement may be terminated by written notice of termination at any time on or before the Closing Date only as follows:
Causes. For purposes of this Section 8.2 only, "cause" shall include but not be limited to: a. Failure to fully and timely comply with any material provision of this Addendum or of any exhibit or attachment hereto. b. The filing of any voluntary or involuntary petition in bankruptcy, or any similar law, by or against a party, which is not dismissed within forty-five (45) days of filing. c. An infringement by either party of a third-party intellectual property right which impedes either party's ability to meet its obligations under this Addendum with respect to its programs, as specified in Section 9.2 (Infringement Indemnity) below. The parties shall endeavor to resolve any dispute over whether a material breach or cause has occurred in accordance with Section 2.5 (Dispute Resolution) above.