Changes to Sample Clauses

Changes to. Article 8. (a) Clause (i) in the third paragraph of Section 8.01 of the Credit Agreement is amended by replacing the phrase "this Agreement" contained therein with the phrase "any Loan Document",
Changes to. If during the performance of this Agreement, the [ * ] identified in Section 3.1(b) ceases to exist or to be published, the Parties shall apply instead the relevant factor published by any successor to the [ * ] or the most compatible factor still published by the [ * ], respectively, or in the absence of both of the foregoing, such substitute factor or factors upon which the Parties may mutually agree.
Changes to. This MTA Or To A Statement of Work. This MTA or a --------------------------------------------- Statement of Work may only be modified in a writing that is executed by authorized representatives of both parties. A change to this MTA will not affect any Statement of Work that is already in effect when the MTA is changed unless the parties agree in writing that the change to this MTA will affect that Statement of Work. The parties will indicate the level of revision to this MTA by assigning each revised MTA a new MTA agreement number.
Changes to for the Products may be changed from time-to-time with a minimum of [***] prior written notice. This includes Private Label Products, and SFM will require Private Label Product Vendors to give KeHE no less than [***]. Such [***] will become part of this Agreement and [***]. Notwithstanding the foregoing, for any commodity-driven price changes (e.g. bulk and some refrigerated Products), the Parties will mutually discuss the price change implementation date, which may be earlier than the foregoing [***] notice period; provided [***].
Changes to your information
Changes to. ARTICLE 8.
Changes to. This Agreement ------------------------- Notwithstanding any provision herein or in the Credit Agreement to the contrary, the Company hereby irrevocably agrees that it shall, and shall cause all Subsidiary Guarantors to, promptly upon the request of the Lenders, amend and restate or otherwise modify or supplement this Agreement and any other Loan Document, to be a stand-alone facility or otherwise, on such terms and conditions as the Lenders may request.
Changes to. Hours of Work" The hours of work and the way in which work is scheduled may be changed by mutual agreement during the life of this agreement. Such agreement shall be in writing.
Changes to and—Interpretation of Laws. The- parties-shall adjust-the...terms and conditions of this Compact, except as provided below in Section XV.D.3, upon written notice and request by the Nation to the State-if-and when:
Changes to. [*] other than changes to redress a Software Problem shall be made by Digimarc only at the direction of the DLA Contracting Authority, pursuant to the terms of the [*] ________________ [*] Omitted pursuant to a confidential treatment request. The material has been filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission.