Charges Sample Clauses

Charges. The Company, Holders, Beneficial Owners, persons receiving ADSs upon issuance and persons whose ADSs are being cancelled shall be responsible for the following ADS charges under the terms of the Deposit Agreement:
Charges. The following is added: All banking charges incurred in the People's Republic of China will be borne by Licensee and those incurred outside the People's Republic of China will be borne by IBM.
Charges. Golden American agrees to reimburse DSI and DSI agrees to reimburse Golden American for Services provided to each other pursuant to this Agreement. The charges for such Services and Facilities shall include all direct and directly allocable expenses, reasonably and equitably determined to be attributable to each party, plus a reasonable charge for direct overhead such as rent expense, the amount of such charge for overhead to be agreed upon by the parties from time to time. When shared personnel are used to perform Services, allocations of the cost of such personnel including salaries and benefits shall be in proportion to the time spent by such personnel directly relating to Services performed for the appropriate party to this Agreement. Each party's determination of charges hereunder shall be presented to the other party, and if a party objects to any such determination, it shall so advise the other party within thirty (30) days of receipt of notice of said determination. Unless the parties can reconcile any such objection, they shall agree to the selection of a firm of independent certified public accountants which shall determine the charges properly allocable to each party and shall, within a reasonable time, submit such determination, together with the basis therefore, in writing to DSI and Golden American whereupon such determination shall be binding. The expenses of such a determination by a firm of independent certified public accountants shall be borne equally by DSI and Golden American.
Charges. 58.5.1 Access services, including revenues associated therewith, provided in connection with the resale of services hereunder shall be the responsibility of CenturyLink and CenturyLink shall directly bill and receive payment on its own behalf from an IXC for access related to interexchange calls generated by resold or rebranded customers.
Charges. 16.1 Our charges will either be a commission or a mark-up or mark-down on the fee payable by us to any Exchange, Clearing House and/or Broker for the relevant Transaction and/or such other amounts as may be agreed from time to time between you and us. Our charges vary according to the transaction and customer, so the charges you pay for any particular transaction may differ from those another customer may pay in a similar transaction.