Civil Disturbances Sample Clauses

Civil Disturbances. 9.18.1. FPOs shall perform other functions, as directed by the COTR, at State facilities or grounds which may be necessary during situations, such as civil disturbances or other criminal acts, which could adversely affect security and/or safety of State employees, property, and general public.
Civil Disturbances. Whenever a civil emergency is found and proclaimed to exist pursuant to Princeton Township Code Section 5A-1, the Chief of Police or other officer in charge shall prepare and post a list of all members of the Department summoned to emergency duty. All members of the Department named on the list shall be entitled to receive extra duty pay for time on duty beyond the normal work day or beyond the normal work week. All members of the Department called back from off-duty status shall be paid for a minimum of four (4) hours at the extra duty rate.

Related to Civil Disturbances

Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act The Mortgagor has not notified the Company, and the Company has no knowledge of any relief requested or allowed to the Mortgagor under the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940, as amended;
SLEEPING CAPACITY/DISTURBANCES Tenant and all other occupants of the premises will be required to vacate the premises and forfeit the rental fee and security deposit for any of the following: Occupancy exceeding the sleeping capacity of the property, using the premises for any illegal activity, causing damage to the premises rented or to any of the neighboring properties and any other acts that interfere with neighbors' right to quiet enjoyment of their premises. HOLD HARMLESS None of iTrip Vacations, Sea Oats Vacation Property Management, Inc. or the owner of the premises assume risk, responsibility or any liability for, and the Tenant hereby releases, waives, relinquishes and discharges iTrip Vacations, Sea Oats Vacation Property Management, Inc., the owner of the premises and all directors, officers, employees, agents or other representatives of such parties from, any (i) loss, damage, illness, injury or exposure to COVID-19, other viruses or the flu to persons or their personal property that occurs during their stay on the premises; (ii) any inconveniences, damage, loss or injury arising from any temporary defects or stoppage in supply of water, gas, cable service, internet service, electricity or plumbing or (iii) any inconveniences, damage, loss or injury arising from or due to weather conditions, insects, natural disasters, acts of God, or other reasons beyond their control. POOL & PATIO If the premises include a private or community pool (including hot tubs), then the Tenant hereby acknowledges that the premises they have reserved include a community pool and the undersigned agrees and acknowledges that the community pool and patio/deck can be dangerous areas, that the deck/patio can be slippery when wet, and that injury may occur to anyone who is not careful. With full knowledge of the above facts and warnings, the undersigned Tenant accepts and assumes all risks involved to Tenant and all of Tenant's guests in or related to the use of the private or community pool (including hot tubs) and patio areas.
Accidents If a death, serious personal injury or substantial property damage occurs in connection with CONTRACTOR’s performance of this Agreement, CONTRACTOR shall immediately notify Mendocino County Risk Manager's Office by telephone. CONTRACTOR shall promptly submit to COUNTY a written report, in such form as may be required by COUNTY of all accidents which occur in connection with this Agreement. This report must include the following information: (1) name and address of the injured or deceased person(s); (2) name and address of CONTRACTOR's sub-contractor, if any; (3) name and address of CONTRACTOR's liability insurance carrier; and (4) a detailed description of the accident and whether any of COUNTY's equipment, tools, material, or staff were involved.
Civil Leave Section 1. The Employer recognizes the responsibility of its employees to fulfill their civic duties as jurors and witnesses in court proceedings. The Employer agrees therefore to grant civil leave with pay to permanent employees:
Accidents and Claims The Manager shall promptly investigate and report in detail to the Owner all accidents, claims for damage relating to the ownership, operation or maintenance of the Properties, and any damage or destruction to the Properties and the estimated costs of repair thereof, and shall prepare for approval by the Owner all reports required by an insurance company in connection with any such accident, claim, damage, or destruction. Such reports shall be given to the Owner promptly and any report not so given within ten (10) days after the occurrence of any such accident, claim, damage or destruction shall be noted in the report delivered to the Owner pursuant to Section 2.5(b). The Manager is authorized to settle any claim against an insurance company arising out of any policy and, in connection with such claim, to execute proofs of loss and adjustments of loss and to collect and provide receipts for loss proceeds.
Quarantine Leave Quarantine leave without loss of pay shall be granted to a Long Term Occasional Teacher for a period of quarantine when declared by the Medical Officer of Health or designate.
Civil Actions Except where the Labour/Management Committee considers that there has been flagrant or wilful negligence on the part of an employee, the Employer agrees not to seek indemnity against an employee whose actions result in a judgment against the Employer. The Employer agrees to pay any judgment against an employee arising out of the performance of his/her duties. The Employer also agrees to pay any legal costs incurred in the proceedings including those of the employee.
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act The Mortgagor has not notified the Seller, and the Seller has no knowledge of any relief requested or allowed to the Mortgagor under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act or other similar state statute;
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY (a) The Employer and the Union agree that they mutually desire to maintain standards of safety and health in the workplace in order to prevent accidents, injury and illness.
Labour 1. Recognising that each Contracting Party has the right to determine its own labour standards of protection and to adopt or modify laws accordingly its ad hoc, each Contracting Party shall endeavour to ensure that its legislation provides labour standards consistent with the internationally recognized labor rights set forth in paragraph 6 of article 1 and will continue to improve those standards.