Civil Sample Clauses

Civil. Any person who intentionally or negligently violates section 1.126 may be held liable in a civil action brought by the civil prosecutor for an amount up to $5,000.
Civil. The site of the proposed facility is currently undeveloped and forested. A forest products company will harvest the trees from the plant site leaving a buffer zone around the plant. The remaining trees on the site shall not be removed or disturbed. A preliminary site Grading and Draining Drawing has been included in Attachment IV to show existing site topography and the preliminary site drainage plan. The Contractor shall prepare the final grading plan for Owner's review and approval. As part of the final grading plan the Contractor shall provide landscaping berms approximately 8-10 feet above finished grade, along the north side of the entrance road to the site. Contractor is only obligated to provide the landscaping berms to the extent that cut exceeds fill. The Owner will plant trees and shrubs on the berms as part of the final landscaping plan. On-site surfacing shall be in accordance with Exhibit B. On-site plant roads and parking areas shall be asphalt. Plant parking areas shall accommodate 10 cars. Areas where leaks or containments may occur shall be concrete slab and isolated to retain spillage. The plant switchyard area and areas around the equipment shall be surfaced with crushed stone. Other areas of the plant not receiving paving or crushed stone shall be finish graded and seeded as specified in Exhibit B. Fencing shall be installed around the plant proper main step-up transformers and the switchyard. The fence for the plant proper shall have one motor operated main gate and one secondary gate. The switchyard shall have three vehicle access gates. During construction activities the Contractor shall comply with the mitigation measures as outlined in the environmental permits for this project. The project work scope does not include wetlands delineation or mitigation. All wetlands delineation and mitigation will be the Owner's responsibility. Contractor's work scope does not include the salvage, relocation, or replanting of any trees. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TENASKA GEORGIA GENERATION PROJECT EPC - Exhibit A ------------------------ Page 21 of 23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------