Clearances Sample Clauses

Clearances. Advertiser will be responsible, at its own cost and expense, for obtaining all clearances, authorizations, permissions, licenses, and releases (collectively, “Clearances”) from third parties necessary to enable Station to distribute the Advertiser Content under this Section 4, including, without limitation, (i) Clearances for any of the following creative elements appearing in or otherwise displayed via the Advertiser Content: photos, video footage, music (including, without limitation, any synchronization and mechanical licenses), audio tracks, trademarks, service marks, and rights of publicity and other indicia of identity, and (ii) Clearances from any individuals or entities whose trademarks, service marks, other corporate indicia, names, voices, likenesses, and other indicia of identity may appear in any of the Advertiser Content.
Clearances. No action has been taken by the Company in respect of which any consent or clearance from the Inland Revenue or other Taxation Authority was required except in circumstances where such consent or clearance was validly obtained and where any conditions attaching thereto were met and will, immediately following Completion, continue to be met.
Clearances. Lycos shall clear all rights in the Lycos site and all ---------- elements thereof for use as provided herein. All fees of any nature, including, without limitation, residuals, royalties, reuse, health and welfare payments, and similar or dissimilar fees due to third parties for rights necessary to exploit the Lycos Site, as provided herein, shall be the sole responsibility of Lycos.
Clearances a. Effective with the start of the 2008-09 school year, teachers who have been employed at least three (3) years, may be required as a condition of continued employment no more than once every three (3) years, to obtain and submit clearances under Acts 34 and 151. These clearances will be maintained in the teacher’s personnel file. The cost of obtaining the clearances shall be borne by the District.
Clearances. 4.1 The Producer shall contract contributors to the Programme within the Licence Fee on the minimum basis as set out in General Term 6 save only as may be varied below: Agreed variation/limitation to the standard position set out in GT 6 EquityInitial channel clearance(s) required Writers Guild of GB - Initial channel clearance(s) required
Clearances. The relevant Entertainment Company or Unaffiliated Production Company has obtained proper and effective licenses or grants of authority to use the results and proceeds of the services of performers and other Persons connected with the production of the Films In Progress to the extent reasonably necessary or desirable to exercise all rights of such Entertainment Company therein.
Clearances. As a Pennsylvania education agency, the CAIU complies with the Pennsylvania School Code, Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), and any other rules and/or regulations regarding the hiring and administration of personnel. All CAIU staff members and independent consultants who may be assigned to work with Client have all met applicable standards regarding hiring and the completion of background checks and clearances, including Act 34, Act 151, and Act 114 background checks and TB/physical exams as required by the PA School Code. Upon written request by the Client, the CAIU will provide a copy of all clearances to its employee(s) and consultants who are providing work to the Client and the employee or consultant will present them to the Client; the CAIU shall not forward clearances directly to the Client.
Clearances. 10. (a) NEDAK shall not place, permit to be placed, or allow to remain, any permanent or temporary material, structure, pole, or other obstruction within 8 1/2 feet laterally from the center (nine and one-half (9-1/2) feet on either side of the centerline of curved Track Area) or from 24 feet vertically from the top of the rail of said Track Area ("Minimal Clearances"), provided that if any Legal Requirement requires greater clearances than those provided for in this Section 10, then NEDAK shall strictly comply with such Legal Requirement. However, vertical or lateral clearances which are less than the Minimal Clearances but are in compliance with Legal Requirements will not be a violation of this Section 10, so long as NEDAK strictly complies with the terms of any such Legal Requirement.
Clearances. Subject only to Section 8.13 with respect to the digital distribution of the Licensed Content, Licensor has secured or will secure all necessary Clearances (subject to the provisos in Section 12.1(e)), for the exercise of the Licensed Rights to the Licensed Content in the Territory set forth in this Agreement;