Communicate Sample Clauses

Communicate at an agreed upon time, the per share price for each valuation date to parties as agreed upon from time to time.
Communicate if appropriate after the credit denial appeal process is completed, its approval of a Loan Application to [•] for each Applicant which [•] previously identified as possessing an Adverse Credit history by submitting a letter attached to the Loan Application (or a copy of the Loan Application) requesting the PLUS Loan to be guaranteed, due to error or other extenuating circumstances relating to the original credit information obtained by [•] on LENDER’s behalf, and properly documenting such error correction or other extenuating circumstances.
Communicate at an agreed upon time, the per share price for each valuation date to the Trust and its investment advisers as agreed upon from time to time.
Communicate. COM, INC. Per: Per: ----------------------------- ---------------------------- Authorized Signatory Authorized Signatory SCHEDULE A NOTICE OF EXERCISE OF OPTION TO: COMMUNICATE.COM, INC. 1300 - 1090 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC V6E 3V7 THE UNDERSIGNED, the Optionee of the within Option Agreement, subscribes for ________________ of the common shares referred to in the said Option Agreement at according to the conditions thereof, and herewith makes payment of $_________________________ as follows:
Communicate. Before aiming to engage and influence stakeholders, it’s crucial to seek to understand the people you will be working with and relying on throughout the phases of the engagement lifecycle. Sharing information with stakeholders is important, but it is equally important to first gather information about your stakeholders; More info: Communicate | First Principle Of Stakeholder Engagement ( As stated in section 3.3 it is assumed that: 1) actors will only engage in land and soil management if they recognize benefits in engagement, or, in other words: see ‘what’s in for them’ and 2) several of them do not yet recognize these benefits.
Communicate. Provide the school with the best times and methods to communicate with you. Find out the best method for communicating with school staff, some individuals will prefer phone calls, others will respond best to e-mail or written notes. Update your contact information whenever there is a change. Respond as quickly and completely as possible to school contacts. Check in with your child daily for notes, newsletters, or other communications from the school. Find out how to access the school and school district websites, and check regularly for current information.
Communicate. CRA will directly communicate sufficient information to CRA Life Sciences employees regarding the requirements of Article VIII and this Exhibit D to ensure such CRA employees understand and abide by these requirements. Such communication will occur quarterly or more frequently as CRA deems necessary to ensure such employees understand and abide by these requirements. Simply posting information to CRA’s intranet or other on-line tool is not adequate to meet the requirements of this paragraph 3(a).