Compensation Sample Clauses

Compensation. The Advisor shall compensate the Sub-Advisor on the following basis for the services to be furnished hereunder.
Compensation. The Depositor shall receive at the times set forth in Sections 3.05, 3.18, 3.23 and 4.03 as compensation for performing portfolio supervisory services, bookkeeping and administrative expenses and evaluation services, such amount and for such periods as specified the Prospectus and/or Reference Trust Agreement. The compensation for providing portfolio supervisory services, bookkeeping and administrative expenses and evaluation services shall be made on the basis of the largest number of units outstanding at any time during the period for which such compensation is being computed. At no time, however, will the total amount received by the Depositor for services rendered to all series of Guggenheim Defined Portfolios in any calendar year exceed the aggregate cost to them of supplying such services in such year. Such rate may be increased by the Trustee from time to time, without the consent or approval of any Unitholder, or the Depositor, by amounts not exceeding the proportionate increase during the period from the date of such Prospectus and/or Reference Trust Agreement to the date of any such increase, in consumer prices as published either under the classification "All Services Less Rent" in the Consumer Price Index published by the United States Department of Labor or, IF such Index is no longer published, a similar index. In the event that any amount of the compensation paid to the Depositor pursuant to Sections 3.05, 3.18 and 3.23 and 4.03 is found to be an improper charge against a Trust, the Depositor shall reimburse the Trust in such amount. An improper charge shall be established if a final judgment or order for reimbursement of the Trust shall be rendered against the Depositor and such judgment or order shall not be effectively stayed or a final settlement is established in which the Depositor agrees to reimburse the Trust for amounts paid to the Depositor pursuant to this Section 7.05.
Compensation. Subject to the provisions of Section 3.14 hereof, the Trustee shall receive at the times set forth in Section 3.05, as compensation for performing ordinary normal recurring services under this Indenture, an amount calculated at the annual compensation rate stated in the Prospectus. The Trustee shall charge a pro rated portion of its annual fee at the times specified in Section 3.05, which pro rated portion shall be calculated on the basis of the largest number of Units in such Trust at any time during the primary offering period. After the primary offering period has terminated, the fee shall accrue daily and be based on the number of Units outstanding on the first business day of each calendar year in which the fee is calculated or the number of Units outstanding at the end of the primary offering period, as appropriate. The Trustee may from time to time adjust its compensation as set forth above, provided that total adjustment upward does not, at the time of such adjustment, exceed the percentage of the total increase, after the date hereof, in consumer prices for services as measured by the United States Department of Labor Consumer Price Index entitled "All Services Less Rent," or, if such index shall cease to be published, then as measured by the available index most nearly comparable to such index. The consent or concurrence of any Unitholder hereunder shall not be required for any such adjustment or increase, however, the consent of the Depositor shall be required. Such compensation shall be charged by the Trustee against the Income and Capital Accounts of each Trust; provided, however, that such compensation shall be deemed to provide only for the usual, normal and proper functions undertaken as Trustee pursuant to this Indenture.
Compensation. USBFS shall be compensated for providing the services set forth in this Agreement in accordance with the fee schedule set forth on Exhibit B hereto (as amended from time to time). USBFS shall also be compensated for such out-of-pocket expenses (e.g., telecommunication charges, postage and delivery charges, and reproduction charges) as are reasonably incurred by USBFS in performing its duties hereunder. The Trust shall pay all such fees and reimbursable expenses within 30 calendar days following receipt of the billing notice, except for any fee or expense subject to a good faith dispute. The Trust shall notify USBFS in writing within 30 calendar days following receipt of each invoice if the Trust is disputing any amounts in good faith. The Trust shall pay such disputed amounts within 10 calendar days of the day on which the parties agree to the amount to be paid. With the exception of any fee or expense the Trust is disputing in good faith as set forth above, unpaid invoices shall accrue a finance charge of 1½% per month after the due date. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, amounts owed by the Trust to USBFS shall only be paid out of the assets and property of the particular Fund involved.
Compensation. The Trustees as such shall be entitled to reasonable compensation from the Trust, and they may fix the amount of such compensation. Nothing herein shall in any way prevent the employment of any Trustee for advisory, management, legal, accounting, investment banking or other services and payment for the same by the Trust.
Compensation. The Escrow Agent shall be entitled to reasonable compensation from the Company for all services rendered by it hereunder. The Escrow Agent shall also be entitled to reimbursement from the Company for all expenses paid or incurred by it in the administration of its duties hereunder including, but not limited to, all counsel, advisors’ and agentsfees and disbursements and all taxes or other governmental charges.
Compensation. The Promoter shall compensate the Allottee in case of any loss caused to him due to defective title of the land, on which the project is being developed or has been developed, in the manner as provided under the Act and the claim for interest and compensation under this provision shall not be barred by limitation provided under any law for the time being in force. Except for occurrence of a Force Majeure event, if the promoter fails to complete or is unable to give possession of the [Apartment/Plot] (i) in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, duly completed by the date specified in para 7.1; or (ii) due to discontinuance of his business as a developer on account of suspension or revocation of the registration under the Act; or for any other reason; the Promoter shall be liable, on demand to the allottees, in case the Allottee wishes to withdraw from the Project, without prejudice to any other remedy available, to return the total amount received by him in respect of the [Apartment/Plot], with interest at the rate prescribed in the Rules including compensation in the manner as provided under the Act within forty-five days of it becoming due. Provided that where if the Allottee does not intend to withdraw from the Project, the Promoter shall pay the Allottee interest at the rate prescribed in the Rules for every month of delay, till the handing over of the possession of the [Apartment/Plot], which shall be paid by the promoter to the allottee within forty-five days of it becoming due.
Compensation. 22.01 The salary rates shall be those set forth in schedule(s) attached to and forming part of this agreement.
Compensation. For the services provided pursuant to this Agreement, the Subadviser is entitled to the fee listed for the Fund on Exhibit A hereto. Such fees will be computed daily and paid no later than the seventh (7th) business day following the end of each month, from the Adviser, calculated at an annual rate based on the Subadviser Assets’ average daily net assets. The method of determining the net asset value of the Subadviser Assets for purposes hereof shall be the same as the method of determining net asset value for purposes of establishing the offering and redemption price of the shares of the Trust as described in the Fund’s Prospectus. If this Agreement shall be effective for only a portion of a month with respect to the Fund, the aforesaid fee shall be prorated for the portion of such month during which this Agreement is in effect for the Fund.