Concurrent Sample Clauses

Concurrent. APPLICATIONS Should applications be received from Licensee and any other licensee under an agreement with Licensor requesting authority to place equipment on or in the same Outside Plant (the "common Outside Plant") and no such application has been approved by Licensor or, if approved by Licensor, no work in connection therewith has been undertaken by Licensor or Licensee, as the case may be, Licensor shall notify each such applicant of the requested use of common Outside Plant, indicating which Outside Plant is proposed for common use, and Licensor shall request each such applicant to designate alternative Outside Plant to the common Outside Plant for the placement of its equipment. If, after such request, each applicant continues to propose that its equipment, or a portion thereof, be placed on common Outside Plant, Licensor shall determine whether joint use may physically and technically be made of the common Outside Plant, and whether such joint use of the common Outside Plant is practicable. If Licensor determines that joint use of the common Outside Plant is physically and technically feasible, Licensor shall apportion the cost of any changes or rearrangements in its Outside Plant necessary to accommodate the applicants' joint use thereof. Such apportionment shall be conducted on a proportionate basis corresponding to the share of usable space occupied by each licensee. If Licensor determines that joint use of the common Outside Plant is not physically and technically feasible, that application received first in time shall have priority as to placement of its equipment thereon, provided that Licensee shall have the right to challenge such determination before the Commission.
Concurrent with the execution of this Agreement, the Parties shall separately execute the attached Exhibit "B", AFE and Well Plan, and shall be obligated to pay the gross actual costs incurred for the IBW in the following promoted working interest percentages: MOC-23.335%; WEI-16.665% Ridgewood-60.00% until the IBW has been drilled to the Objective Depth and has been tested, logged and evaluated as set forth in the AFE and Well Plan. At such time as the IBW has been drilled to Objective Depth, tested, logged and evaluated or the gross actual well costs of the IBW reach $38.5MM ("Promote Cap"), whichever occurs first, Ridgewood's disproportionate spending shall cease. Thereafter all further cost, risk and expense of the operations for the IBW or any subsequent operations proposed including sidetrack of the IBW shall be allocated and paid on a non-promoted basis in the following working interest percentages: MOC-40.0025%; WEI-24.9975% Ridgewood-35.00% Notwithstanding the above in the event that the Objective Depth is reached prior to the gross actual well costs reaching the Promote Cap, and the Parties agree to either temporarily or permanently plug and abandon the well, the Parties will pay the costs associated with either operation on the promoted working interest percentages stated above until the gross actual well cost reaches the Promote Cap at which point the remaining costs to either temporarily or permanently plug and abandon the well shall be paid on the non-promoted working interest percentages.
Concurrent with notice of layoff, the Employer shall provide the affected employees a list, of, positions available for bumping, including the current incumbent’s name, seniority, classification, work area, hours of work, and shift rotation (including days off). Bumping rights must be exercised within seven (7) calendar days of the notification of layoff and options by providing written notice to the General Manager or their designate. A laid off employee may bump a less senior employee at the worksite, provided the laid off employee has more seniority and is willing and qualified and has the ability to do the job of the less senior employee. However, in no circumstances will an employee affect a promotion through a bump. A laid off employee who bumps a less senior employee shall be paid at the hourly rate of the classification they are bumping into, at the rate corresponding with their previous placement on the grid.
Concurrent with the execution of this Lease, Tenant shall deposit with Landlord the sum specified in Paragraph 1(c) above as prepaid minimum Rent under this Lease.
Concurrent with the execution of this Agreement, Numex or Salzberg shall pay to Belin Rawlings the sum of One Hundred Fifteen Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Dollars ($115,550.00).
Concurrent with the execution of this Agreement, the Parties shall also enter into a supply agreement wherein DRAXIMAGE will supply to Cytogen its requirements of Products for distribution and sale within the Territory in accordance with the terms therein ("Supply Agreement").
Concurrent. BB.3.9 Except for rights afforded under BB.6.2, Workplace ESL and Workplace Literacy Programs are not Programs covered by Article BB of the Collective Agreement.
Concurrent with the execution of this Lease, all shareholders of Tenant shall execute and deliver the Guarantee attached hereto as Exhibit "C." Furthermore, within ten (10) business days of the admission of any additional shareholder to the Tenant, such shareholder shall execute a Guarantee and the Tenant shall immediately deliver the original of such Guarantee to the Landlord.