Consequence Sample Clauses

Consequence. If an Extraordinary Event occurs, *** may, *** with respect to applicable Charges specified in Schedule 4 in accordance with the following:
Consequence. If an Extraordinary Event occurs, ABM may, at its option, request more favorable pricing with respect to some or all of the Charges categories specified in Schedule J in accordance with the following:
Consequence. In the event that any of CTI’s requirements, commitments, or obligations set forth above in Sections 3.4A, B, C, or D are not met, then the sole consequence (and PharmaBio’s sole remedy) shall be that the Minimum Payment Amount used to calculate the Minimum Payment Obligation shall increase from Fifty-three Million Dollars (US$53,000,000) to [*] and, for purposes of the Annual Minimum True-Up Payment calculation in Section 5.7, such [*] increase shall increase only the minimum Cumulative Payment Amount in last year of the Royalty Term as described in the chart therein and shall not affect the other minimum Cumulative Payment Amounts in the chart. Should the consequence described in this Section 3.4E be triggered, the Parties will promptly memorialize such event in a document signed by the Parties.
Consequence. If Home Depot fails to achieve the Final Year Volume, then UIC shall have no obligation to assign the Marks to Home Depot as contemplated pursuant to Article XI herein.
Consequence i. If IBM meets the [***] target for its actual IBM SG&A Expenses, IBM shall receive an incentive equal to 2% of the [***] realized during the same calendar year. The incentive shall be paid to IBM with the next monthly payment of royalties for the Licensed Programs, by reducing the royalties due DS by the corresponding amount of the earned incentive.