CONSIDERING Sample Clauses

CONSIDERING. That at the Santa Cruz Summit of the Americas meeting of Heads of State in 1996, the Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network (hereinafter “IABIN”) was created with the objective of providing a networking information infrastructure (such as standards and protocols) and biodiversity information content required by the countries of the Americas to improve decision-making, particularly for issues at the interface of human development and biodiversity conservation; That through IABIN, access will be made available to scientific information currently scattered throughout the world in different institutions, such as government organizations, museums, botanical gardens, universities, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs); That in order to fund the building of IABIN, GS/OAS and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (hereinafter the Bank) acting as an Implementing Agency of the Global Environment Facility (hereinafter the GEF) Trust Fund, approved the GEF Trust Fund Grant Agreement effective on October 4, 2004, as amended on February 10, 2006, June 26 2006, and December 19 2008 with GS/OAS (Annex 1 hereto) in an amount equal to US$6,000,000 (”Master Agreement”); That Article III of the Master Agreement provides that GS/OAS shall enter into sub-project agreements with “Eligible Institutions” to carry out certain project tasks and functions , and the Institution has been designated an “Eligible Institution” under the terms of that Agreement; and That GS/OAS is the central and permanent organ of the Organization of American States and is authorized to carry out relations of cooperation in accordance with Article 112(h) of the Charter and OAS General Assembly Resolution AG/RES. 57 (I- O/71); HAVE AGREED to sign this Project Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”), based on the following provisions: ARTICLE I OBJECTIVE
CONSIDERING. That corruption and impunity are phenomena impacting governance, confidence in institutions, and the rights of persons in many States of the region; That in Honduras, despite efforts made by the different State oversight bodies, recent emblematic cases of corruption, such as the case of the Instituto Hondureño de Seguridad Social [Honduran Social Security Institute] have underscored the need to strengthen yet further the Honduran judicial system, a situation that has especially mobilized Honduran society, which is demanding that further actions be taken in the fight against corruption and impunity; That, aware of the need to address this issue with determination and as a matter of urgency, the GOVERNMENT, in June 2015, proposed a “Sistema Integral Hondureño de Combate a la Impunidad y a la Corrupcion” [Honduran Integral System to Combat Impunity and Corruption] and opened up an unconditional dialogue with the different sectors of Honduran society; That the GOVERNMENT has invited the GS/OAS and the United Nations (UN) to serve as facilitators of the national dialogue. In that context, the GS/OAS established a mission to support the national dialogue, which made two visits to the country, during which it met with authorities of the GOVERNMENT and with different social and political sectors of the country; That as a result of these visits, the OAS facilitator proposed to the Honduran government strategic lines for the establishment of a comprehensive mechanism to combat corruption and impunity and to support and provide advice for reforms to the Honduran justice system to ensure the full independence of this branch of government, as well as its transparency and professionalism; That that proposal resulted in a letter sent by the President of Honduras to the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) on September 14, 2015, to which the Secretary General of the OAS replied, on September 28 of that year, to the President of Honduras with a proposal for the establishment of the mission to support and strengthen the justice system and mechanisms to prevent and combat corruption and impunity in Honduras. The proposal was discussed and agreed with the GOVERNMENT on November 17, 2015. It is attached hereto as ANNEX I and forms an integral part of hereof. This redefined proposal incorporates contributions from different sectors of Honduran society; That this mission shall be coordinated by the Secretariat for Strengthening Democracy of the GS/OAS, ...
CONSIDERING. - i. That, on the Signature Date, the company has an authorized capital of five hundred million pesos, of which TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND (200,000) shares are subscribed, and TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND (200,000) paid, (hereinafter the "Shares") , and, being the latter, those that represent 100% of the paid capital of HEMP TEXTILES & CO SAS, a simplified joint stock company constituted and existing in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Colombia, duly constituted and identified with NIT. 901,391,015-5 (hereinafter the “Company”).
CONSIDERING. That the Framework Agreement for the Creation of a Free Trade Area between MERCOSUR and the Republic of South Africa provides for a first stage of actions aimed at increasing trade, including the mutual granting of tariff preferences. That the SACU Agreement of 2002 establishes a Common Negotiating Mechanism for Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland in regard to trade relations with third Parties. That implementation of an instrument providing for the granting of fixed preferences during said stage will facilitate subsequent negotiations for the creation of a Free Trade Area. That the negotiations needed to implement the granting of preferences and to establish trade disciplines between the Parties have been conducted. That these negotiations have taken into account the principle of special and differential treatment for the smaller and the lesser developed economies in MERCOSUR and SACU. That regional integration and South-South trade, including through the creation of free trade areas, are compatible with the multilateral trading system, and contributes to the expansion of world trade, to the integration of their economies into the global economy, and to the social and economic development of their peoples. That the process of integrating their economies includes the gradual and reciprocal liberalization of trade and the strengthening of economic co-operation ties among themselves. That the Parties reiterate their will to promote the South Atlantic as a zone of peace and cooperation. That Article 27 of the Treaty of Montevideo 1980, of which the MERCOSUR Member States Parties are Signatory Parties, authorizes the conclusion of Partial Scope Agreements with other developing countries and economic integration areas outside Latin America. HEREBY AGREE AS FOLLOWS: Chapter I
CONSIDERING. 1. that PostgreSQLFr carries out its non profit activity of voluntary service for the promotion, the development and the protection of the Open Source database software known as 'PostgreSQL', in accordance with its statutes;
CONSIDERING the Convention for the Establishment of a European Organization for Nuclear Research, and the Financial Protocol annexed thereto, which was signed on 1 July 1953, entered into force on 29 September 1954 and was amended on 17 January 1971 (“the Convention”); the Resolution by the CERN Council (“the Council”) dated 17 June 2010 (as set out in Annex 3 to the “Report on Geographical Enlargement of CERN”, CERN/2918/Rev.), by which it created the status of Associate Member State; the Council decision dated 15 March 2018 (CERN/3342/RA/Rev.), introducing deadlines applicable to the different steps in the process of accession to Associate Membership designed to streamline said process; the Council decision dated 26 September 2019 (CERN/3436/C/Rev.), in accordance with which the annual contribution of an Associate Member State shall be agreed by the Parties taking due consideration of the number of CERN users affiliated to its universities and institutes as well as its national infrastructure used by European particle physicists, always provided that such annual contribution shall not be less than 10% of the State’s theoretical Membership contribution and shall, in any event, correspond at least to the minimum contribution level determined by the Council1; the conditions applicable to the status of Associate Member State (the “Standard Terms”), as reviewed by the Council on 12 December 2019 (CERN/3474/C), HAVING REGARD TO the longstanding relationship between the Organization and Latvia and the latter’s successful contributions to the execution of CERN’s scientific programme, in particular through the Cooperation Agreement concluded in 2016 (the “Cooperation Agreement”) and Protocol P141 thereto; the application by Latvia for Associate Membership, received by CERN on 24 February 2020; the evaluation by the Council at its December 2020 Session, on the basis of the report of its fact-finding Task Force (CERN/3544/C), that Latvia fulfils the criteria for Associate Membership; the confirmation by Latvia, as expressed in its letter received by CERN on [DATE], that it accepts the conditions of this Agreement (the “Agreement”), as well as the amount of the annual financial contribution negotiated between the Parties; the Resolution by the Council dated [DATE] (CERN/…) that, subject to the entry into force of both this Agreement and the Protocol on the privileges and immunities of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (the “Protocol”) in respect of Latvia, the latt...
CONSIDERING. The legislative and regulatory stability assumed in the Agreement signed on 14 May 2012 and the maintenance of the need to ensure the budgetary and financial sustainability of the NHS, namely by the adjustment of public expenditure on medicines to the average standards of the European Union countries, while maintaining the stability achieved by the Program for Economic and Financial Adjustment agreed between the Portuguese State, the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank; The importance of continuing to ensure a convergence of efforts between public institutions and economic agents, so that the national effort to reduce public expenditure allows the maintenance of high standards of patient access to the best therapeutics, as well as a tendentially free provision of health care to citizens; That the Pharmaceutical Industry, represented by APIFARMA, is available to maintain the collaboration with the Portuguese State through a financial contribution in order to ensure the sustainability of the NHS and patients’ access to new therapeutics; The importance of continuing to ensure, in a context of sustained reduction of public expenditure on medicines, the maintenance of patient access to innovative products, at prices resulting from the existing legal mechanisms and in timeframe that comply with the law in force; The Parties agree and write the following: Clause 1 Subject This Agreement regulates the terms and conditions under which the Ministries of Finance and of Health, on one hand, and the Pharmaceutical Industry, represented by APIFARMA, on the other hand, by adherence of the Pharmaceutical Industry companies, as provided in Clause 4, undertake to achieve the budgetary targets for 2015 of NHS public expenditure on outpatient, including subsystems, and hospital medicines, to ensure the sustainability of the National Health Service.
CONSIDERING. The agreements mentioned above were signed in compliance with the IIN 2015-2019 Action Plan and with the policies of the IIN approved by the Directing Council; That the working group for the review of the agreements composed by the Representatives from Barbados and Panama, has not provided comments to those agreements, RESOLVES:
CONSIDERING. (W¯ (1), · · · , W¯ (L), Y¯ (1), · · · , Y¯ (L)) as L