Consistent with the Sample Clauses

Consistent with the. Chang School’s goals and objectives, Continuing Education Contract Lecturers are encouraged to create an environment which is consistent with and conducive to accessibility and adult learners. Within this context:
Consistent with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) and any amendments thereto and the Washington State Family Leave Act of 2006 (WFLA), an employee who has worked for the state for at least twelve (12) months and for at least one thousand two hundred fifty (1,250) hours during the twelve (12) months prior to the requested leave is entitled to up to twelve (12) workweeks of family medical leave in a twelve (12) month period for one or more of the following reasons 1 - 4:
Consistent with the funds granted to the Police Department by City Council, the Police Department Administration states that it will, in good faith, endeavor to:
Consistent with the partieslong-term understanding regarding EOL for grievance representatives, requests for such EOL pursuant to Article 4.7(c), shall be directed in advance to the employee’s immediate supervisor who shall respond as soon as practicable. Requests for EOL for grievance representation shall be identified as such by the authorized grievance representative requesting the EOL and should include the date, and time(s) for which the EOL is requested as well as contact information for the grievance representative. Nothing herein shall prohibit the Director of Human Resources Management or their designee from reviewing supervisory EOL approvals after the fact to ensure that the EOL was granted and used consistent with this Article.

Related to Consistent with the

Filings with the NYSE The Company will timely file with the NYSE all material documents and notices required by the NYSE of companies that have or will issue securities that are traded on the NYSE.
Employment with the Company While Executive is employed by the Company during the Term, Executive shall be employed as the Chief Financial Officer of the Company, and such other titles as the Company may designate, and shall perform such duties and responsibilities as the Company shall assign to him from time to time, including duties and responsibilities relating to the Company's wholly-owned and partially owned subsidiaries and other affiliates.
Business with the Group The Agent and the Arranger may accept deposits from, lend money to and generally engage in any kind of banking or other business with any member of the Group.
Most-Favored-Nation Treatment 1. Each Party shall accord to investors of the other Party treatment no less favorable than that it accords, in like circumstances, to investors of any non-Party with respect to the establishment, acquisition, expansion, management, conduct, operation, and sale or other disposition of investments in its territory.
Service with the Company During the Term, Employee shall (i) serve as the Company’s President and Chief Operating Officer and shall report directly to the Chief Executive Officer of the Company (the “CEO”), (ii) have such responsibilities, duties and authorities, and render such services for the Company, that Employee has or renders for the Company as of the Effective Date, and (iii) have such other responsibilities, duties and authorities, and render such other services for the Company, that are consistent with Employee’s position as President and Chief Operating Officer as the CEO may from time to time reasonably direct.
Consistent Treatment Unless and until there has been a Final Determination to the contrary, each Party agrees not to take any position on any Tax Return, in connection with any Tax Contest or otherwise, that is inconsistent with (a) the treatment of payments between the Air Products Group and the Versum Group as set forth in Section 5.4, or (b) the Intended Tax Treatment.
Accounting Treatment For accounting purposes, the Merger is intended to be treated as a "purchase."
Employment with Public Agency Consultant, if an employee of another public agency, agrees that Consultant will not receive salary or remuneration, other than vacation pay, as an employee of another public agency for the actual time in which services are actually being performed pursuant to this Agreement.
Responsibility for Following Standards Each Party recognizes a responsibility to follow the standards that may be agreed to between the Parties and to employ characteristics and methods of operation that will not interfere with or impair the service, network or facilities of the other Party or any third parties connected with or involved directly in the network or facilities of the other.
Compliance with the FDIC Rule The Administrator agrees to (i) perform the covenants set forth in Article XII of the Indenture applicable to it and (ii) facilitate compliance with Article XII of the Indenture by the Ally Parties.