Consistent with Sample Clauses

Consistent with. Article 3.5 below, Buyer shall have the right to enter Seller's property and facilities at any time with notice (except in emergency) to Seller to Maintain Buyer's facilities, systems, equipment and property as necessary. However, Buyer will not have the right to access, operate, modify or otherwise disturb facilities, systems or equipment owned by the Seller unless otherwise provided for in this Agreement.
Consistent with. Section 4.7, Tenant shall notify Landlord in writing of the manner and means in which it will remove any and all Hazardous Substances used in the Premises during its occupancy. Tenant shall also certify in writing upon delivery of Premises to Landlord on the date of the Lease expiration that all Hazardous Substances were removed in accordance with all governmental and regulatory laws.
Consistent with. Swedish Medical Center’s policy on disabled employees, if a new bargaining unit position can be created to accommodate an incumbent employee’s permanent disability, the Union agrees to waive seniority rights for that position. The position will not be posted, and the position will be offered to the disabled employee.
Consistent with. Section 2.1(b), the provisions of SECTION FIVE of this Agreement shall be effective until September 30, 2003, and shall continue for additional three (3) year periods thereafter, unless the Company notifies the Executive in writing one (1) year prior to September 30, 2003 (or the third anniversary of that date, or the date of notification of termination, in the event the Agreement continues beyond that date pursuant to the provisions of this Section 7.1(c)) that it does not intend to continue those provisions of the Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, (i) if a Change of Control has occurred on or before the date on which the Agreement would be terminated by the Company in accordance with this Section 7.1, the Agreement shall not terminate with respect to that Change of Control until the end of the Employment Period, and (ii) this Agreement shall terminate if, prior to a Change in Control, the Executive ceases to be employed by the Company as a corporate officer. SECTION EIGHT
Consistent with. Section 1.5.2 above, all Subleases are to be entered into using the standard form agreement approved by CDR; provided, however, that in the course of negotiating the final terms of a particular Sublease, Company may make commercially reasonable revisions and modifications to the standard form agreement as required to consummate the transaction, subject to the terms of Section below.
Consistent with. 29.1, PROVIDER agrees to provide reasonable facilities and equipment to representatives of CUSTOMER, or the agreed Russian Agency, to the extent necessary to provide access to and examination of work in progress and technical data and documentation.