Contract definition

Contract means the agreement that results from the acceptance of a bid by an organ of state;
Contract means the Contract Agreement entered into between the Purchaser and the Supplier, together with the Contract Documents referred to therein, including all attachments, appendices, and all documents incorporated by reference therein.

Examples of Contract in a sentence

Drawings and General Provisions of Contract, including General Conditions and Division 1 Specification Sections, apply to this section.

The estimated effect of the price adjustment provisions of the Conditions of Contract, applied over the period of execution of the Contract, shall not be considered in Tender evaluation.

An affirmative determination shall be a prerequisite for award of the Contract to the Tenderer.

The Tender Security of the successful Tenderer shall be returned as promptly as possible once the successful Tenderer has signed the Contract and furnished the required Performance Security.

All the provisions of RA No. 9184 and its 2016 revised IRR, including the Generic Procurement Manual, and associated issuances, constitute the primary source for the terms and conditions of the Contract, and thus, applicable in contract implementation.

More Definitions of Contract

Contract means the Contract signed by the Parties, to which these General Conditions of Contract (GC) are attached together with all the documents listed in Clause 1 of such signed Contract;
Contract means the written agreement between the Employer and the Contractor, to which these General Conditions are annexed.
Contract means the written agreement entered into between the purchaser and/or consignee and the supplier, together with all the documents mentioned therein and including all attachments, annexure etc. therein.
Contract means the agreement signed by the Parties, to which these General Conditions of Contract (GCC) and other sections of the Bidding Documents are attached.
Contract include any extension or modification of the Contract or contract;
Contract means that contract between the State of Connecticut (and/or one or more of it agencies or instrumentalities) and the Contractor, attached hereto, or as otherwise described by the awarding State agency below;