Curtailment Sample Clauses

Curtailment. A partial prepayment by the Borrower of principal on a Mortgage Loan that otherwise is current, which prepayment is not accompanied by an amount representing the full amount of scheduled interest due on the related Mortgage Loan.
Curtailment. 15.1 Part 11 (Curtailment) of the Conditions applies to this Contract for Difference.13
Curtailment. Notwithstanding Section 3.1(b) and this Section 3.1(i), Seller shall reduce output from the Project during any Curtailment Period or Buyer Curtailment Period.
Curtailment. With respect to a Mortgage Loan, any payment of principal received during a Due Period as part of a payment that is in excess of the amount of the Monthly Payment due for such Due Period and which is not intended to satisfy the Mortgage Loan in full or intended to cure a delinquency.
Curtailment. 8.1. Producer shall promptly curtail the production of the Generating Facility: (i) upon Notice from SCE that SCE has been instructed by the CAISO or the Transmission Provider to curtail energy deliveries; (ii) upon Notice that Producer has been given a curtailment order or similar instruction in order to respond to an Emergency; (iii) if no CAISO Schedule was awarded in either the Day-Ahead Market or the Real-Time Market and SCE notifies Producer to curtail the production of the Generating Facility; or (iv) if SCE issues an OSGC Order.
Curtailment. In the event of curtailment by Company of Company's customers, Company shall curtail deliveries to the facilities of the End-use Customer (without any liability to Shipper for damages or otherwise) at the Delivery Point in the same manner as Company's end-use customers of the same classification based on Company's then prevailing curtailment schedule. Company shall not curtail deliveries hereunder unless such curtailment will benefit Company's higher priority customers; provided, however, if any governmental or regulatory authority having jurisdiction over Company or its curtailment plan, by rule or order, establishes some other curtailment priority schedule or plan for Company, then Company shall comply with such rule or order (without any liability to Shipper for damages or otherwise).
Curtailment. PacifiCorp shall not be obligated to purchase, receive, pay for, or pay any damages associated with, Net Output if such Net Output is not delivered to the System or Point of Delivery due to any of the following: (a) the interconnection between the Facility and the System is disconnected, suspended or interrupted, in whole or in part, consistent with the terms of the Generation Interconnection Agreement, (b) the Transmission Provider or Network Service Provider directs a general curtailment, reduction, or redispatch of generation in the area, (which would include the Net Output) for any reason, even if such curtailment or redispatch directive is carried out by PacifiCorp, which may fulfill such directive by acting in its sole discretion; or if PacifiCorp curtails or otherwise reduces the Net Output in order to meet its obligations to the Transmission Provider or Network Service Provider to operate within system limitations, (c) the Facility's Output is not received because the Facility is not fully integrated or synchronized with the System, or (d) an event of Force Majeure prevents either Party from delivering or receiving Net Output. Seller shall reasonably determine the MWh amount of Net Output curtailed pursuant to this Section 4.4 after the fact based on the amount of energy that could have been generated at the Facility and delivered to PacifiCorp as Net Output but that was not generated and delivered because of the curtailment. Seller shall promptly provide PacifiCorp with access to such information and data as PacifiCorp may reasonably require to confirm to its reasonable satisfaction the amount of energy that was not generated or delivered because of a curtailment described in this Section 4.4. Seller shall calculate the quantity of Net Output curtailed pursuant to this Section 4.4 using the methodology set forth in the definition ofSeller Uncontrollable Minutes.”