Custodians Sample Clauses

Custodians. The Administrative Trustee may at any time appoint one or more custodians (each, a “Custodian”) to hold assets of the Trust, without the consent of any Registered Owner and any Beneficial Owner. The Administrative Trustee may terminate any such Custodian at any time and is not required to appoint a replacement therefor.
Custodians. The Fund acknowledges that ALPS may rely on and shall have no responsibility to validate the existence of assets reported by the Fund, the Adviser, or the Fund’s custodian, other than ALPS’ completion of a reconciliation of the assets reported by the parties. The Fund acknowledges that it is the responsibility of the Fund to validate the existence of assets reported to ALPS. ALPS may rely, and has no duty to investigate the representations of the Adviser, Fund, or the Fund’s custodian.
Custodians. The Trustees shall at all times employ a custodian or custodians meeting the qualifications for custodians for portfolio securities of investment companies contained in the 1940 Act, as custodian with respect to the assets of the Trust. Any custodian shall have authority as agent of the Trust as determined by the custodian agreement or agreements, but subject to such restrictions, limitations and other requirements, if any, as may be contained in the By-Laws of the Trust and the 1940 Act, including without limitation authority:
Custodians. In lieu of taking possession of the Trustee Mortgage Loan Files and reviewing such files itself, the Trustee may, in accordance with Section 8.11 hereof, appoint one or more Custodians on behalf of the Trust to hold the Trustee Mortgage Loan Files for a Series on its behalf and to review them as provided in this Section 2.03. The Company shall, upon notice of the appointment of a Custodian, deliver or cause to be delivered all documents to the Custodian that would otherwise be deliverable to the Trustee. In such event, the Trustee shall obtain from each such Custodian, within the specified times, the Initial and Final Certifications and the Recordation Reports with respect to those Mortgage Loans held and reviewed by such Custodian and may deliver such Certifications and Reports to the Company and the Servicer in satisfaction of the Trustee's obligation to prepare such Certification and Reports. The Trustee shall notify the Custodian of any notices delivered to the Trustee with respect to those Trustee Mortgage Loan Files.
Custodians. The provisions of this Article IX are not applicable, and the Plan may not invest in Contracts, if a Custodian signatory to the Adoption Agreement is a bank which does not have trust powers from its governing state banking authority.
Custodians. (i) Wells Fargo, or any successor custodian appointed pursuant to the provisions hereof and the Wells Fargo Custodial Agreement and (ii) LaSalle, or any successor custodian appointed pursuant to the provisions hereof and the LaSalle Custodial Agreement.
Custodians. During each calendar quarter period, overtime opportunities shall be distributed among regular full-time employees of the same job classification provided the employee is familiar with the work to be done who have expressly volunteered for overtime work for the quarter. Employees interested in custodial or setup overtime work shall so indicate by completing an overtime request slip and depositing it in the appropriate box not later than the last full week prior to the beginning of each quarter. Custodians who have completed an overtime request slip for setups and custodial work shall be placed on an overtime list, which shall be posted in a public area. The list shall indicate the employees' response to the overtime opportunity, date of overtime, number of overtime hours worked, and the supervisor's initials. Individuals on such list shall be offered custodial and set-up overtime before any other classification of employees is asked. Upon request, employees newly entering a job classification shall be afforded the opportunity for overtime work. Employees who have been disciplined for work or attendance may be removed from the list until their performance and attendance is satisfactory. The method of equalization of overtime opportunities shall be a rotation by filling in one column on the overtime list for that classification before starting the next column. The University will proceed directly down the list, however, maintaining the right to select another employee within the same column in the event that there are requirements peculiar to the task to be performed. In special circumstances with prior notification and rationale to the Union, the University may assign employees to overtime not subject to the limitations of this Section (i.e. gender issues). Employees who cannot be reached by telephone will be considered unavailable (employees on vacation or sick leave or worker's compensation will not be called or if called will be considered unavailable). Only employees who have volunteered for overtime work will be called upon to perform overtime work during the designated quarter and such employees shall be obligated to perform such work, except that all employees may be required or approved to work overtime for up to one and one-half (1 1/2) hours on a holdover basis. Employees will be charged with one (1) overtime opportunity for each three (3) holdover opportunities in a quarter. Holdover assignments will not be misused to avoid regular overtime oppor...
Custodians. The Manager shall appoint or otherwise engage one or more banks or trust companies, each having an aggregate capital, surplus and undivided profits (as shown in its last published report) of at least $100,000,000, to serve as custodian for the Fund’s assets with authority as the Fund’s agent. Other than interests in mutual funds that are held through a registered account at the mutual fund’s transfer agent, bank accounts and uncertificated instruments, such as interests in private investment funds, that are not issued through a nominee ownership structure, all assets of the Fund must be held in a segregated custodial account of such a bank or trust company.