Departments Sample Clauses

Departments. Each teaching member shall belong to one home department. Departments of a university shall be established by the University administration with the advice of the Senate according to criteria of commonality of interest and academic purpose, without any numerical limits on size. Divisions or other major groupings of departments with some common interest may also be formed.
Departments. 1.1.1 Since indeterminate employees who are affected by work force adjustment situations are not themselves responsible for such situations, it is the responsibility of departments to ensure that they are treated equitably and, whenever possible, given every reasonable opportunity to continue their careers as public service employees.
Departments. The department in which a permanent teacher is considered for assignment purposes shall be the one in which the teacher has taught for the major portion of teaching time during the most recent six semesters of classroom teaching experience. This recent experience provision shall not apply when a teacher applies to a position unfilled after all teachers in the department have had the opportunity to submit requests.¹
Departments. Each distinct program or academic discipline (or groups of related disciplines or programs if there are few course offerings) shall form a department for purposes including but not limited to curriculum development and program planning, certification and accreditation functions, and representation to the community. An academic employee may be a member of more than one department if the work assignment is in more than one department.
Departments. When the hours of work in a department are reduced the available hours of work shall be assigned amongst the full time employees in the department so that the normal hours of work of the full time employees with the most departmental seniority and who have the skill and ability to do the work involved will not be reduced until the hours of work of more junior employees have been reduced. A full time employee who would have his or her hours of work reduced whereby he or she will be regularly working not more than 24 hours per week in the job classification and department shall be entitled to bump a part time employee in the same job classification and department if the full time employee has the skill and ability to do the work of the part time employee in the department. Any part time employee bumped by the foregoing may bump a more junior part time employee in the job classification and department provided that he or she has the skill and ability to do the work involved.
Departments. Upon receiving this request, the University will provide the Union with copies of those letters with fifteen (15) working days. The Union agrees to keep the contents of these letters confidential.