DISBURSEMENTS OF CASH. Upon the issuance of proper instructions, Northern shall make payments or disbursements of cash of each Portfolio held by it or subject to its draft or order under this Agreement, insofar as such cash is available, only for the following purposes:


Disbursements of Custodian Upon receipt of a Written Instruction directing payment and setting forth the name and address of the person to whom such payment is to be made, the amount of such payment, the name of the Fund from which payment is to be made, and the purpose for which payment is to be made, the Custodian shall disburse amounts as and when directed from the assets of that Fund. The Custodian is authorized to rely on such directions and shall be under no obligation to inquire as to the propriety of such directions.
Disbursements from Escrow Funds to Pay NCPS NCPS is authorized to and may disburse from time to time, to itself or to any Indemnified Party from the Escrow Funds (but only to the extent of Issuer’s rights thereto), the amount of any compensation and reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses due and payable hereunder (including any amount to which NCPS or any Indemnified Party is entitled to seek indemnification pursuant to Section 9 hereof). NCPS shall notify Issuer of any disbursement from the Escrow Funds to itself or to any Indemnified Party in respect of any compensation or reimbursement hereunder and shall furnish to Issuer copies of all related invoices and other statements. Such disbursements will not occur before the minimum contingency is met in compliance with SEC Rule 15c2-4.
Repayment of Cash To repay the cash delivered to the Fund for the purpose of collateralizing the obligation to return to the Fund certificates borrowed from the Fund representing Portfolio Securities, but only upon redelivery to the Bank of such borrowed certificates.
Disbursement Account A trust account for the benefit of Owner, opened by Manager with an FDIC insured bank to pay for “Operating Expenses” as defined in Section 4.01(b).
Distributions of Cash (a) The Partnership shall distribute cash on a quarterly (or, at the election of the General Partner, more frequent) basis, in an amount determined by the General Partner in its sole and absolute discretion, to the Partners who are Partners on the Partnership Record Date with respect to such quarter (or other distribution period) in the following manner: (i) first, to the General Partner in an amount equal to the GP Minimum Return with respect to the fiscal year of the General Partner; (ii) second, to the Limited Partners pro rata among them in proportion to the their respective Unpaid Return, if any, owing to each such Limited Partners with respect to prior fiscal years, in an amount equal to their respective Unpaid Return for such prior fiscal years owing to each such Limited Partner; (iii) third, after the establishment of reasonable cash reserves to meet REIT Expenses and other obligations of the Partnership, as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of the General Partner, to the General Partner and the Limited Partners in such aggregate amount as may be determined by the General Partner in its sole and absolute discretion to be allocated among the General Partner and the Limited Partners such that each Limited Partner will receive an amount equal to its LP Return for such fiscal year; and (iv) finally, to the Partners in accordance with and in proportion to their respective Percentage Interests; provided, however, that if a new or existing Partner acquires an additional Partnership Interest in exchange for a Capital Contribution on any date other than a Partnership Record Date, the cash distribution attributable to such additional Partnership Interest relating to the Partnership Record Date next following the issuance of such additional Partnership Interest shall be reduced to the proportion thereof which equals (i) the number of days that such additional Partnership Interest is held by such Partner divided by (ii) the number of days between such Partnership Record Date and the immediately preceding Partnership Record Date. Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, the Original Limited Partner may, in its sole and absolute discretion, elect to defer any distribution to be made to it, in which case the amount so deferred shall be deemed to be an additional Capital Contribution made on behalf of the Original Limited Partner under Section 4.02(c) hereof, to be distributed to the Original Limited Partner upon liquidation of the Partnership under Section 5.06 hereof, or at such time as the Original Limited Partner may otherwise be allowed to withdraw from the Partnership after the Transfer Restriction Date.
Disbursements and Payments Each disbursement by the Bank and each payment by the Borrower will be:
Types of Cash Accounts Cash accounts opened on the books of the Custodian (PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTS) shall be opened in the name of the Fund. Such accounts collectively shall be a deposit obligation of the Custodian and shall be subject to the terms of this Section 7 and the general liability provisions contained in Section 9. Cash accounts opened on the books of a Subcustodian may be opened in the name of the Fund or the Custodian or in the name of the Custodian for its customers generally (AGENCY ACCOUNTS). Such deposits shall be obligations of the Subcustodian and shall be treated as an Investment of the Fund. Accordingly, the responsibility of the Custodian with respect to cash accounts shall be the same as and no greater than other Investments. Accordingly, the Custodian shall not be liable for their repayment in the event such Subcustodian, by reason of its bankruptcy, insolvency or otherwise, fails to make repayment.
Deposit and Disbursement Accounts Disclosure Schedule (3.19) lists all banks and other financial institutions at which any Credit Party maintains deposit or other accounts as of the Closing Date, including any Disbursement Accounts, and such Schedule correctly identifies the name, address and telephone number of each depository, the name in which the account is held, a description of the purpose of the account, and the complete account number therefor.
Investment of Cash Collateral Pursuant to the SLA, the Client shall have the right to invest Cash Collateral received in respect of any loan, subject to an obligation, upon the termination of the loan, to return to the Approved Borrower the amount of cash initially pledged (as adjusted for any interim marks-to-market).
Disbursements of Escrow Funds Escrow Agent shall disburse Escrow Funds at any time and from time to time, upon receipt of, and in accordance with, a Joint Written Direction or Final Written Direction. The Joint Written Direction or Final Written Direction will contain complete payment instructions, including wiring instructions or an address to which a check shall be sent. In the case where the account is at a zero dollar balance it may be closed by the Depositor individually. Prior to any disbursement, Escrow Agent shall have received reasonable identifying information regarding the Recipient such that Escrow Agent may comply with its regulatory obligations and reasonable business practices, including without limitation a completed United States Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) Form W-9 or original IRS Form W-8, as applicable. All disbursements of funds from the Escrow Funds shall be subject to the fees and claims of Escrow Agent and the Indemnified Parties pursuant to Section 10 and Section 11 below.