Disclose Sample Clauses

Disclose. Disclose to any company, firm or person, other than QLT and its directors and officers, any of the private affairs of QLT or any Confidential Information; or
Disclose disclose or permit to be disclosed to any person;
Disclose. Disclose, refers to the disclosing party of the confidential information communicating the confidential information to the receiving party, including but not limited to via post, in person, facsimile, email, verbal or visual communications, etc.
Disclose. The Company may disclose your Personal Data with our selected partners. These partners may use your Personal Data to provide you with Panasonic Services you require or any other services/assistance
Disclose. Although not capitalized throughout this Agreement, the term “disclose” or “disclosure,” in addition to meanings ascribed to such terms under HIPAA, mean to communicate any information identifying a patient as being or having been diagnosed with a substance use disorder, having or having had a substance use disorder, or being or having been referred for treatment of a substance use disorder either directly, by reference to publicly available information, or through verification of such identification by another person.
Disclose. 3.1 The Parties agree that the negotiations on this settlement agreement and the Other Settlement Agreements as well as the existence and the terms of this settlement agreement and the Other Settlement Agreements will remain strictly confidential and will not be disclosed by either Party, except when the publication is:
Disclose. 80 the price the buyer or tenant is willing to pay without the express consent of the buyer or tenant. 4. Recommend or suggest a price the 81 buyer or tenant should offer. 5. Recommend or suggest a price the seller or landlord should counter with or accept.