Earthquake Sample Clauses

Earthquake including land shock waves or tremors before, during or after a volcanic eruption;
Earthquake when written as such;
Earthquake. Earthquake insurance in such amount as required by Lender, provided such insurance is available at commercially reasonable prices, but in no event shall the coverage be less than the full amount required by the “Probable Maximum Loss” or “PMLstudy for the Project.
Earthquake. 9. Flood, surface water, spray, waves, tides, tidal waves, ice or water-borne objects, all whether driven by wind or not, unless the loss or damage resulted from the escape of water from a public watermain, swimming pool or equipment attached
Earthquake. We will not cover any Total Loss if the loss or damage to Your Vehicle is caused by earthquakes. Fraud We will not pay any claim and all cover under the policy will end from the date You (or anyone acting for You): Make a false or exaggerated claim or support Your claim with forged or fraudulent documents or evidence; or Make a false or exaggerated Total Loss claim or support Your Total Loss claim with forged or fraudulent documents or evidence; or Deliberately cause the loss or damage. We also reserve the right to inform the Police, and to recover any benefit payment made in respect of a fraudulent claim if new information comes to light at a later date. Pressure Waves This policy does not cover any Total Loss caused by pressure waves of an aircraft or other aerial device travelling at sonic or supersonic speed.