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Employees from the Central Library (Service Delivery) shall be booked off at any one time, including Elected Union Officers. Such leave shall be managed by the Union in a reasonable manner and shall be subject to the operational needs of the employer. During the absence of any Employee on Union Leave, the Employee shall retain their original rights in their Unit, with no decrease in status, but without claim to any promotions effected during the Employees Leave of Absence. The Employee shall receive regular pay and benefits provided for in the Agreement when on Union Leave. The Union will reimburse the Board for all pay and benefits at the then current date during the Leave of Absence and a reasonable fee for administration purposes. The Union will provide the reimbursement to the Employer on a monthly basis or as mutually agreed between the parties. SIGNED ON BEHALF OF THE CALGARY PUBLIC LIBRARY BOARD SIGNED ON BEHALF OF LOCAL NO. 1169 OF THE CANADIAN UNION OF PUBLIC EMPLOYEES Salary Appendix 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2020 (0.0% increase) CLASS STEP HOURLY BIWEEKLY ANNUAL LW 1 15.7746 1,104.2194 28,709.7035 2 16.7429 1,172.0038 30,472.1000 3 17.7919 1,245.4357 32,381.3287 LEA 1 18.00 1,260.00 32,760.00 2 19.00 1,330.00 34,580.00 3 20.00 1,400.00 36,400.00 4 21.00 1,470.00 38,220.00 5 22.00 1,540.00 40,040.00 Level 1 1 22.0898 1,546.2873 40,203.4691 2 22.6072 1,582.5044 41,145.1156 3 23.1471 1,620.3004 42,127.8099 4 23.6658 1,656.6040 43,071.7029 5 24.2047 1,694.3292 44,052.5592 Level 2 1 22.7879 1,595.1502 41,473.9057 2 23.6658 1,656.6040 43,071.7029 3 24.5427 1,717.9870 44,667.6621 4 25.4206 1,779.4407 46,265.4593 5 26.3206 1,842.4418 47,903.4874 Level 3 1 24.2047 1,694.3292 44,052.5592 2 25.2636 1,768.4523 45,979.7591 3 26.3206 1,842.4418 47,903.4874 4 27.3558 1,914.9076 49,787.5974 5 28.4144 1,989.0071 51,714.1846 Level 4 1 24.9034 1,743.2393 45,324.2212 2 26.1416 1,829.9139 47,577.7605 3 27.3558 1,914.9076 49,787.5974 4 28.5939 2,001.5743 52,040.9325 5 29.8320 2,088.2411 54,294.2677 Level 6 1 29.1341 2,039.3860 53,024.0353 2 30.7779 2,154.4546 56,015.8206 3 32.4433 2,271.0314 59,046.8158 4 34.1085 2,387.5924 62,077.4025 5 35.8397 2,508.7797 65,228.2732 Level 7 1 30.8904 2,162.3249 56,220.4465 2 32.3079 2,261.5510 58,800.3253 3 33.7043 2,359.3004 61,341.8113 4 35.1558 2,460.9065 63,983.5680 5 36.7042 2,569.2909 66,801.5643 Level 8 1 34.0189 2,381.3245 61,914.4370 2 35.3958 2,477.7073 64,420.3891 3 36.9005 2,583.0363 67,158.9448 4 38.4791 2,693.5337 70,031.8757 5 ...

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Employees Not to Benefit Texas Transportation Commission policy mandates that employees of the Texas Department of Transportation shall not accept any benefit, gift or favor from any person doing business with or who reasonably speaking may do business with the State under this contract. The only exceptions allowed are ordinary business lunches and items that have received the advance written approval of the Executive Director of the Texas Department of Transportation.
Employees and Compensation The Company shall not do, or agree to do, any of the following acts: (a) make any change in compensation payable or to become payable by it to any officer, employee, or representative; (b) make any change in benefits payable to any officer, employee, or representative under any bonus or other contract or commitment; or (c) modify any collective bargaining agreement to which it is a party or by which it may be bound.
Employees and Benefits (a) The employees of FCB who remain employed after the Effective Date (“Continuing Employees”) shall be given credit under each employee benefit plan, policy, program and arrangement maintained by IBERIABANK after the Closing for their service with FCB prior to the Closing for all purposes, including severance, vacation and sick leave, eligibility to participate, vesting, satisfying any waiting periods, evidence of insurability requirements, seniority or the application of any pre-existing condition limitations, other than benefit accrual under a defined benefit plan (as defined in Section 3(35) of ERISA); provided, however, that accrued vacation taken subsequent to the Effective Date may be subject to such limitations as IBKC or IBERIABANK may reasonably require. Any employee of PFSL or FCB who does not remain employed by FCB after the Effective Date or does not receive a severance payment in connection with the Merger shall receive a severance payment as if he or she were an employee of IBKC for the entire time he or she were an employee of PFSL or FCB.
Employees' Compensation The Consultant shall be solely responsible for the following:
Employees; Benefits Employee shall be entitled to all benefits to which other Executive Vice Presidents are entitled, on terms comparable thereto, which may be maintained by the Company for the benefit of its executives. The Company reserves the right to alter and amend the benefits received by Employee from time to time at the Company’s discretion.
Employees Covered (a) Pursuant to and in accordance with all applicable provisions of the Ontario Labour Relations Act, as amended, Chrysler Canada Inc., herein called the Company does hereby recognize the Union as the exclusive representative for the purposes of collective bargaining in respect to rates of pay, wages, hours of employment, and other conditions of employment for the term of this Agreement of all employees of the Company included in the bargaining units described in Schedule "A".
Other Employees Except as may be required in the performance of Employee’s duties hereunder, Employee shall not cause or induce, or attempt to cause or induce, any person now or hereafter employed by the Company or any of its affiliates to terminate such employment. This obligation shall remain in effect while Employee is employed by the Company and for a period of one (1) year thereafter.
Compensation of Employees Compensate its employees for services rendered at an hourly rate at least equal to the minimum hourly rate prescribed by any applicable federal or state law or regulation.
Employees and Employee Benefits (1) Buyer intends to hire (on an at-will basis) certain staff at the Branches that are currently employed by Seller on a post-Closing basis. Buyer shall make a written offer of employment to each employee of Seller selected by Buyer to be an employee of Buyer following the Closing Date. Each offer of employment shall be effective on the Closing Date. No later than forty-five (45) days following the date of this Agreement, (i) Buyer shall communicate the offers of employment consistent with the terms of this Section 16(m) to those employees to whom it determines to extend an offer and (ii) Buyer shall provide Seller with a written list of those employees to whom Buyer will make an offer of employment, and Seller shall take such action as is necessary to terminate such employees not included on such list or transfer their employment within Seller and its affiliates, in both cases effective as of the Closing Date. Each employee who accepts Buyer’s offer of employment (regardless of whether they are active employees or on leave of absence status as of the Closing Date) shall be a “Hired Employee” for purposes of this Agreement, effective upon the Closing Date and this date shall be referred to as the Hired Employee’s “Transfer Date.” Subject to applicable Legal Requirements, on and after the Closing Date, the Hired Employees shall become employees of Buyer, and Buyer shall have the right to dismiss any or all Hired Employees at any time, with or without cause, and to change the terms and conditions of their employment (including compensation and employee benefits provided to them). Each employee who is not offered employment by Buyer, or who fails to accept Buyer’s offer of employment shall be an “Excluded Employee” for purposes of this Agreement. Nothing in this Agreement shall give any employee any rights to claim status as a third party beneficiary of this Agreement.
Employees and Benefit Plans (a) As promptly as practicable after the Effective Time as determined in the reasonable discretion of Buyer, Buyer agrees to provide the employees of the Company and any of its Subsidiaries who remain employed after the Effective Time (collectively, the “Company Employees”) with at least the types and levels of employee benefits (including employee contribution levels) comparable in the aggregate to those maintained by Buyer for similarly-situated employees of Buyer. Buyer will treat, and cause its applicable benefit plans to treat, the service of the Company Employees with the Company or any of its Subsidiaries as service rendered to Buyer or any of its Subsidiaries for purposes of eligibility to participate, vesting and for other appropriate benefits including, but not limited to, applicability of minimum waiting periods for participation (but not for benefit accrual) under any defined benefit plan (including minimum pension amount) and not for participation in any retiree health plan or executive supplemental retirement plan of Buyer or any of Buyer’s ERISA Affiliates. Without limiting the foregoing, but subject to the terms and conditions of Buyer’s health and similar plans, Buyer shall not treat any employee of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries as a “new” employee for purposes of any exclusions under any health or similar plan of Buyer for a pre-existing medical condition to the extent that any such exclusion did not apply under a health or similar plan of the Company or its Subsidiaries immediately prior to the Effective Time, and any deductibles, co-payments or out-of-pocket expenses paid under any of the Company’s or any of its Subsidiaries’ health plans shall be credited towards deductibles, co-payments or out-of-pocket expenses under Buyer’s health plans upon delivery to Buyer of appropriate documentation.