Engineering Sample Clauses

Engineering. The technical application of the dimensioning rules and results thereof in order to provide network resources to meet specified Grade of Service (GOS).
Engineering. A nonrecurring charge will apply for the planning and engineering associated with placing POTS Splitters in the Central Office, either in a bay, on the IDF, or on the MDF/COSMIC™.
Engineering. As part of this Limited Notice to Proceed, Contractor shall perform the following engineering activities: • Perform technical reviews as needed to support awards shown above. • Issue data sheets and material requisitions to support awards shown above. • Review supplier documents received during this period. • Issue Train 3 P&IDs for Acid Gas Removal and Amine RegenerationContinue issuing IFC structural steel drawings • Continue issuing above ground piping isometric drawings • Work on 3D model replication for LNG Tank B and East Jetty Topsides • Commence IFC cause and effect diagrams
Engineering. American Engineering commitments will include: American assistance on aircraft surveys, data and information on existing aircraft systems (that are not restricted intellectual property) and design-for-maintenance knowledge, as required by Supplier. American engineering will also work with Aircell to develop, and must approve, all installation designs and systems operational characteristics, to ensure they meet all airworthiness and American operational requirements
Engineering. 1) The Sub-Recipient shall submit to the Division an official letter stating that the project is 100% complete and ready for the Division’s Final Inspection of the project.