Entirely Sample Clauses

Entirely. The Parties hereto acknowledge, declare and confirm that this Agreement represents the entire agreement between them regarding the subject matter hereof and no alterations, additions or modifications hereto shall be valid and binding unless the same are reduced to writing and signed by both the Parties after the execution of this Agreement and the understanding reached in view of the Previous Agreements and/or any other letters, agreements, addendums, supplemental agreements shall stand terminated from the Effective Date.
Entirely. This MSA and Site Agreement, including all Schedules and -------- Exhibits hereto and thereto, constitute the entire agreement between BellSouth and User and any modification to the MSA or Site Agreement, any Schedule or Exhibits hereto or thereto, must, in order to be effective, be in writing, signed by authorized representatives of each party.
Entirely. This Guarantee embodies the final, entire agreement of Consolidated and Holders with respect to Consolidated’s guarantee of the obligations of Waterfields in respect of the Series A Bonds.
Entirely. This Lease embodies the entire agreement between Lessor and -------- Lessee with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any prior or contemporaneous agreement or understanding between the parties. The parties shall not be bound by or be liable for any statement, representation, promise, inducement or understanding of any kind or nature not set forth or provided for herein. No prior course of dealing, usage of trade or course of performance " be used to supplement or explain any term, condition or instruction used in this Lease, nor be deemed to effect any amendment.
Entirely. The herein contained Consignment Agreement constitutes the entire understanding of both the Consignee and the Consignor pertaining to all matters contemplated hereunder at this time. The parties signing this Consignment Agreement desire or intend that any contract or other agreement entered into between the parties subsequent hereto shall supersede and preempt any conflicting provision of this Consignment Agreement whether written or oral.
Entirely. This Agreement and the Exhibits hereto constitute the entire agreement between the Parties. There are no prior or contemporaneous agreements or representations affecting the same subject matter other than those herein expressed. Except for any matters which, in accordance with the express provisions of this Agreement, may be resolved by verbal agreement between the Parties, no amendment, modification or change herein shall be enforceable unless reduced to writing and executed by both Parties.

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CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS A married applicant may apply for a separate Account. Applicants: 1) may, after credit approval, use the credit card Account up to its credit limit; 2) may be liable for amounts extended under the plan to any joint applicant. As required by law, You are hereby notified that a negative credit report reflecting on Your credit record may be submitted to a credit reporting agency if You fail to fulfill the terms of Your credit obligations.
FLORIDA RESIDENTS You (borrower) agree that, should We obtain a judgment against You, a portion of Your disposable earnings may be attached or garnished (paid to Us by Your employer), as provided by Florida and Federal law.
MISSOURI RESIDENTS Oral Agreements or commitments to loan money, extend credit or to forbear from enforcing repayment of a debt including promises to extend or renew such debt are not enforceable. To protect You (borrower(s)) and Us (creditor) from misunderstanding or disappointment, any Agreements We reach covering such matters are contained in this writing, which is the complete and exclusive statement of the Agreement between Us, except as We may later agree in writing to modify it.
WISCONSIN RESIDENTS If You are married, please contact Us immediately upon receipt of this Agreement at the address or phone number listed on this Agreement and provide Us with the name and address of Your spouse. We are required to inform Your spouse that We have opened an Account for You.
Christmas or New Year's Day Off The Employer agrees to make every reasonable effort to ensure that employees required to work shift shall have at least Christmas Day or the following New Year's Day off.
Holiday Work A. An employee required to work on a holiday other than Christmas shall be paid the base hourly straight time rate for each hour worked up to eight (8) hours. Effective February 2, 2002, employees who work their holiday, at their option, may elect to have their annual leave balance credited with up to eight (8) hours of annual leave or receive holiday pay to which the employee is entitled as above described.
Area of Interest 10.1 If either party or any of its Affiliates stakes or otherwise acquires any interest in primary mining licenses, prospecting licenses, or any other form of mineral license (the “AOI License”) located wholly or partly in an area (the “Area of Interest”) within fifteen (15) kilometres from any portion of the Property as it exists at the date of execution of this Agreement, the acquiring party will forthwith give notice to the non-acquiring party of such staking or acquisition, the costs thereof and all details in its possession with respect to the nature of the AOI License and the known mineralization thereon. Upon delivery of such notice, the non-acquiring party will have the right to elect whether to add such rights to the Property (whether the rights are contained wholly within the Area of Interest or only partially within the Area of Interest), and:
Sunday Work All work performed on Sunday shall be paid at straight time rates plus a premium of one dollar ($1.00) per hour (fifty cents ($0.50) for each full half hour worked). For purposes of the Collective Agreement, Sunday is considered the first (1st) day of the basic work week and in the event an employee worked in excess of the basic work week, as set out in Subsection (a), the last such day or days worked in such weeks shall be considered as the day or days for which overtime applies.
Working Foreman An employee who is in charge of a crew not more than five men including himself, engaged in line clearance work. (In the application of Article X, the Company need not consider the application for promotion to this classification from any employee having less than one year of experience in the Climber classification.)
Working Alone (a) Where an employee is employed under conditions which present a significant hazard of disabling injury, and when the employee might not be able to secure assistance in the event of an injury or other misfortunes, the Employer shall provide a means of periodically checking the well being of the employee. Checks shall be made at such intervals and by such means as are appropriate to the nature, hazard and circumstances of the employment.