Equipment Sample Clauses

Equipment. All of the Equipment is used or held for use in Borrower's business and is fit for such purposes.
Equipment. 13 A. Unless otherwise specified in writing by ADMINISTRATOR, Equipment is defined as all 14 property of a Relatively Permanent nature with significant value, purchased in whole or in part by 15 ADMINISTRATOR to assist in performing the services described in this Agreement. “Relatively 16 Permanent” is defined as having a useful life of one year or longer. Equipment which costs $5,000 or 17 over, including freight charges, sales taxes, and other taxes, and installation costs are defined as Capital 18 Assets. Equipment which costs between $600 and $5,000, including freight charges, sales taxes and 19 other taxes, and installation costs, or electronic equipment that costs less than $600 but may contained 20 PHI or PII, are defined as Controlled Equipment. Controlled Equipment includes, but is not limited to 21 phones, tablets, audio/visual equipment, computer equipment, and lab equipment. The cost of
Equipment. All "equipment," as such term is defined in Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, now owned or hereafter acquired by Borrower, which is used at or in connection with the Improvements or the Land or is located thereon or therein (including, but not limited to, all machinery, equipment, furnishings, and electronic data-processing and other office equipment now owned or hereafter acquired by Borrower and any and all additions, substitutions and replacements of any of the foregoing), together with all attachments, components, parts, equipment and accessories installed thereon or affixed thereto (collectively, the "EQUIPMENT"). Notwithstanding the foregoing, Equipment shall not include any property belonging to tenants under leases except to the extent that Borrower shall have any right or interest therein;
Equipment. The Equipment is in good operating condition and repair, and all necessary replacements of and repairs thereto shall be made so that the value and operating efficiency of the Equipment shall be maintained and preserved, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Borrower will not permit any of the Equipment to become affixed to any real Property leased to Borrower so that an interest arises therein under the real estate laws of the applicable jurisdiction unless the landlord of such real Property has executed a landlord waiver or leasehold mortgage in favor of and in form acceptable to Lender, and Borrower will not permit any of the Equipment to become an accession to any personal Property other than Equipment that is subject to first-priority (except for Permitted Liens) Liens in favor of Lender.
Equipment. Such Grantor shall not permit any Equipment to become a fixture with respect to real property or to become an accession with respect to other personal property with respect to which real or personal property the Administrative Agent does not have a Lien. Such Grantor will not, without the Administrative Agent’s prior written consent, alter or remove any identifying symbol or number on any of such Grantor’s Equipment constituting Collateral.
Equipment. 18.1 All items purchased with funds provided under this Agreement, or which are furnished to CONTRACTOR by COUNTY, which have a single unit cost of at least five thousand dollars ($5,000), including sales tax, shall be considered Capital Equipment. Title to all Capital Equipment shall, upon purchase, vest and remain in COUNTY. The use of such items of Capital Equipment is limited to the performance of this Agreement. Upon the termination of this Agreement, CONTRACTOR shall immediately return any items of Capital Equipment to COUNTY or its representatives, or dispose of them in accordance with the directions of ADMINISTRATOR. CONTRACTOR further agrees to the following:
Equipment. Borrower shall not (i) permit any Equipment to become a Fixture to real property unless such real property is owned by Borrower and is subject to a mortgage in favor of Lender, or if such real estate is leased, is subject to a landlord's agreement in favor of Lender on terms acceptable to Lender, or (ii) permit any Equipment to become an accession to any other personal property unless such personal property is subject to a first priority lien in favor of Lender.