Existing Sample Clauses

Existing. The ICIFs for the Existing Facility are as follows: One (1) three-phase 34.5 kV (wye-grounded) – 4160 V (Delta), 2.5 MVA transformer, 7.5% impedance; Three (3) 38 kV, current transformers (“CTs”) (for 38 kV side of the transformer); One (1) 38 kV, 34.5kV nominal circuit breaker: 1200 A, 150 kV BIL, 40 kAIC; Six (6) 38 kV, distribution class surge arresters; 2200 ft. of underground, 3 phase, 34.5 kV line (1/0 MV105 Cu) and associated conduit from the 34.5kV switchgear to the PCO (“Generator Feeder Line”);
Existing. Upon the discovery of any Hazardous Substances existing on or under the Site (i.e. not brought onto the Site by Contractor or its Subcontractors), or of any article of value or antiquity or of archaeological interest, Contractor shall (i) promptly cease work in the affected area and direct its workers and Subcontractors not to remove or further disturb the material or item; (ii) promptly notify GEC of such discovery; (iii) use reasonable efforts to mitigate the effects of any such discovery on the Site, any property or person, and the performance of the Work and (iv) follow any reasonable directions of GEC or its representatives with respect to such discoveries. Contractor shall not be required to handle, remove or remediate any existing Hazardous Substances. GEC may have Contractor remedy certain contamination by Change Request, and Contractor shall be entitled to a Change Order to make appropriate adjustments under the Agreement as provided in Section 6.5 for the impact if any, resulting from such discovery or GEC’s directions with respect to such discovery. Any item of value or archaeological interest shall, as between GEC and Contractor, be deemed the property of GEC. LIMA/GEC/EPC 19 Confidential Business Information
Existing. The CTO IFs for the Existing Facility are as follows: Line tap at pole 17 ½; Approximately 1 mile of overhead 34.5 kV, 336.4 AL, 19 strand cable (“Generator Lead Line”); One (1) 3 pole gang operated load break switch, 34.5 kV, 1200 A (switch 566) at Pole 209-1; Three (3) single phase 29 kV MCOV surge arrestors; Three (3) metering potential transformers (PTs) 20125/115; Three (3) metering current transformers (CTs) 25:5: One (1) revenue meter; and One (1) Remote Transmitting Unit (RTU).
Existing. Upon receipt of such a notice, the Selling Shareholder shall immediately discontinue sales or other dispositions of Registrable Securities pursuant to such registration statement. The Selling Shareholder may resume sales only upon receipt of an amended prospectus or after the Selling Shareholder has been advised by the Company that use of the previous prospectus may be legally resumed.
Existing. 17. (which is defined to mean any tenancy in the Premises not arising out of a lease or sublease)
Existing any Lien on any property or asset of the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary existing on the Effective Date and set forth on Schedule 3.13; provided that (i) such Lien shall not be extended to apply to any other property or asset of the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary and (ii) such Lien shall secure only (A) those obligations that it secures on the Effective Date, or (B) with respect to any such obligations that shall have been extended, renewed or refinanced in accordance with Section 6.01(f), permitted extensions, renewals and replacements thereof that do not increase the outstanding principal amount thereof in excess of the amounts permitted pursuant to Section 6.01(f);
Existing. Investments in existence on the Effective Date and Investments acquired after the Effective Date pursuant to contractual commitments in existence on the Effective Date;
Existing. The Existing Liens, except that the Lien of the CIT Group, Inc. in the assets of the Borrower may remain in place until, but shall have been released by, the date of the making of the initial Loan.
Existing. Borrower hereby constitutes and appoints Lender, its assignees, successors, transferees and nominees, as Borrower’s true and lawful attorney-in-fact and agent, with full power of substitution in the Property, in Borrower’s name, place and stead, to do or permit any one or more of the foregoing described rights, remedies, powers and authorities, successively or concurrently, and said power of attorney shall be deemed a power coupled with an interest and irrevocable so long as any portion of the Debt is outstanding. Any money advanced by Lender in connection with any action taken under this Section 5.3, together with interest thereon at the Default Interest Rate from the date of making such advancement by Lender until actually paid by Borrower, shall be a demand obligation owing by Borrower to Lender and shall be secured by this Mortgage and by every other instrument securing all or any portion of the Debt.