Failure to Perform Sample Clauses

Failure to Perform. If Lessee fails to perform Lessee’s obligations under this Paragraph 7.1, Lessor may enter upon the Premises after 10 days’ prior written notice to Lessee (except in the case of an emergency, in which case no notice shall be required), perform such obligations on Lessee’s behalf, and put the Premises in good order, condition and repair, and Lessee shall promptly pay to Lessor a sum equal to 115% of the cost thereof.
Failure to Perform. Customer or any Guarantor shall default in the performance or observance of any covenant or agreement on its part to be performed or observed under this Loan Agreement or any of the Additional Agreements (not constituting an Event of Default under any other clause of this Section), and such default shall continue unremedied for ten (10) Business Days after written notice thereof shall have been given by MLBFS to Customer.
Failure to Perform. In the event the Contractor fails to perform Products and Services required under this Agreement or performs Products and Services in an improper manner, the Parties agree that the damage that the Authority will sustain as a result thereof will be substantial and difficult, if not impossible, to ascertain. Therefore, the Parties agree that in the event the Contractor either fails to completely perform Products and Services or performs Products and Services in an improper manner, the Authority shall be entitled to a credit against the Contractor's current unpaid billings for amounts previously paid to the Contractor after the Contractor's non-performance or improper performance. For the purposes of the foregoing, the Parties agree that the Authority shall have sole discretion in determining the adequacy of the Contractor's performance and the amount of credit to be taken. The damages for the Contractor's inadequate or improper performance, as provided in this Agreement, shall not be exclusive but shall be in addition to any other damages which the Authority may be entitled to for the Contractor's default under this Agreement.
Failure to Perform. I fail to perform any condition or to keep any promise or covenant of this Agreement.
Failure to Perform. The Trustor agrees that if it fails to perform any act or to take any action which it is required to perform or take hereunder, upon five (5) days’ prior notice to the Trustor (other than the payment of monies), or pay any money which the Trustor is required to pay hereunder, each of the Mortgagee and the Trustee, in the Trustor’s name or its or their own name, may, but shall not be obligated to, perform or cause to perform such act or take such action or pay such money, and any expenses so incurred by either of them and any money so paid by either of them shall be a demand obligation owing by the Trustor to the Mortgagee or the Trustee, as the case may be, and each of the Mortgagee and the Trustee, upon making such payment, shall be subrogated to all of the rights of the Person receiving such payment. Each amount due and owing by the Trustor to each of the Mortgagee and the Trustee pursuant to this Deed of Trust shall bear interest from the date of such expenditure or payment to such Person until paid at the Post-Default Rate.
Failure to Perform. Borrower's or a Guarantor's failure to perform, keep or observe any term, provision, condition, representation, warranty, covenant or agreement contained in this Agreement, in any of the Loan Documents or in any other present or future agreement between Borrower, and/or a Guarantor and BACC;
Failure to Perform. Tenant breaches or fails to perform any of Tenant’s non-monetary obligations under this Lease and the breach or failure continues for a period of 30 days after Landlord notifies Tenant of such breach or failure; provided, however, that if Tenant cannot reasonably cure its breach or failure within said 30 day period, then Tenant’s breach or failure is not an Event of Default if Tenant promptly commences to cure its breach or failure and thereafter diligently pursues the cure and effects the cure within a period of time that does not exceed 90 days after the date that Landlord notified Tenant of the breach of failure. Notwithstanding any contrary language in this Section 14.1.2, Tenant is not entitled to any notice or cure period before an uncurable breach of this Lease (or failure) becomes an Event of Default.