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Force Majeure Clauses for a Post-COVID-19 World

Although interest in force majeure clauses has definitely picked up among executives and decision makers, lawyers are still split on best practices.

Building Blocks of Representations and Warranties

A good contract is built on honesty and mutual assurance. Still, it can be hard to know what to disclose up front, and even harder to know how much coverage should be offered to the buyer.

Revise or Replace?

A bad contract can waste everyone’s time, but when is a contract bad enough to toss out the window?

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Force Majeure Clause In A Construction Contract

Companies and individuals have become more aware of force majeure since the Covid-19 pandemic. But with all this talk of foreseeability, do you even need a force majeure clause in a contract?

Mind Miester’s Lease Agreement

As we review a lease agreement with an option to purchase real estate with Erin Edgar, we notice that certain documents are written ineffectively to make it difficult for the other side to exercise their rights. Erin Edgar, who has worked in non-profits for many years and has transitioned to estate planning, delves into a landlord-friendly agreement that is lacking in details, has ambiguous language, and is riddled with legalese. She discusses both what consumers can do at their end and what drafters need to take note of when representing consumers.