In Good Standing Sample Clauses

In Good Standing. The term
In Good Standing. 49. To be “In Good standing” shall be construed to mean “to be in favour with, or be on good terms with, the Provider, there being no disputes either ongoing or pending, nor payments disputed or pending due to dispute nor payments having breached the payment terms”.
In Good Standing. Except for Cybernet Internet-Dienstleistungen AG, Germany, its subsidiaries and Vianet Telekommunikation AG, Osterreich, the Buyer has no subsidiaries.
In Good Standing. The status of an employee who is not the subject of current discipline, and has given proper notice of resignation.
In Good Standing. You may terminate this Agreement; for Cause; if D6 Research has breaches its obligations under this Agreement that materially affect Your ability to use the License Product(s) as prescribed and cannot be cured. Note, due to the nature of research, delays of delivery for discounted Purchases of pre-release research reports are exempt from this section. D6 Research may not terminate this Agreement Without Cause. Unless agreeable by You. D6 Research may terminate this Agreement, for Cause for the following reasons. In the event D6 Research does not terminate for any of these reasons, even if such instances have occurred, does not waive You of Your obligations and our right to do so in the future for the same or other reasons. Due to breach by You Nonconformance by You for Sections 2, 6, and 7 that cannot be cured or remedied. Nonconformance by You for Sections 2, 6, and 7 that are considered performed with intent and/or willful neglect. Failure to remain or regain Good Standing status that reflects multiple instances of conformance or causes measure of conformance to be dubious. D6 is required to provide at least two (2) separate written notices to Licensed Representative as to failure of Good Standing no closer together than 15 calendar days form one another for each occurrence. After three (3) occurrences, regardless of regaining Good Standing, D6 Research reserves the sole right to terminate with cause upon which one final notification will be sent informing of Termination. for failure to pay Penalties for Violations as prescribed under Section 7. for either repeated Violations, where You fail to conform to Protocols defined in Section 7.2 and impact D6 Research’s ability to measure, remediate, or cure such Violations cause risk and exposure to D6 Research’s business as a result. in D6 Research’s sole discretion, for intentional and/or willful Violations made by You, as defined in Section 7.4. D6 Research will consider the willfulness, nature, and impact to D6 Research’s business.
In Good Standing. The sponsoring shareholder’s(s’) maintenance account must be current in all maintenance, assessment, and related charges preceding the rental.
In Good Standing. If a dispute occurs between the Union and an employee over the deduction of dues or, from any claims of an employee who is terminated for not remaining “In Good Standing,” the Union will hold the Employer harmless, “In Good Standing” for the purpose of this Agreement is defined to mean the payment of a standard initiation or enrollment fee and standard regular monthly dues or service fees, uniformly required as a condition of acquiring or retaining membership in the union or as a service fee payer.
In Good Standing. An applicant (e.g., group, organization, or individual) that has no outstanding bills from PWC or PWCS, or is fulfilling obligations under a payment plan with the County; has no pending criminal or court injunctions against the league/organization or organization officials; and/or has no athletic field and facility use standards violations within the past 12 months. Manager-On-Duty (MOD): DPR employee, assigned to a PWCS facility, which is responsible for security, supervision, and custodial tasks in support of community use activities. Not-For-Profit: Groups possessing 501(c)(3) status, as denoted by the IRS, “Letter of Determination.” Rental fFees: A per hour fee assessed to individuals and multi-use requestors to include supervisory and custodial expenses.A per occurrence hour fee assessed to individual and multi-use requests.
In Good Standing. Each party represents and warrants to the ---------------- other party that it is a corporation duly organized, validly existing, and in good standing under the laws of the State in which it is incorporated, and that it has all power and authority required to enter into and perform this Agreement.