Investment Agreement Sample Clauses

Investment Agreement. The Purchaser will not agree to any amendment, waiver or modification of the Investment Agreement (other than corrections of obvious errors, if any, or other ministerial amendments) without the prior written consent of the Seller, in each case to the extent such amendment, waiver or modification is adverse to the Seller’s interests under this Agreement. V CONDITIONS TO THE CLOSING.
Investment Agreement. The Atkore Investment shall be consummated substantially concurrently with or prior to any funding pursuant to the Debt Financing pursuant to the provisions of the Investment Agreement, without giving effect to any amendment, waiver or other modification thereof or consent granted thereunder that (in any such case) is materially adverse to the interests of the Lenders that is not approved by the Lead Arrangers (it being agreed that any reduction in the consideration under the Investment Agreement or the definition ofMaterial Adverse Effect” in the Investment Agreement will be deemed materially adverse to the interests of the Lenders). It is expressly acknowledged that the Investment Agreement, dated as of November 9, 2010, and the disclosure schedules and exhibits thereto in each case in the form submitted to the Lead Arrangers on November 9, 2010 are satisfactory.
Investment Agreement. Section 1.7 and Section 1.8 of the Investment Agreement shall be of no further force or effect and Universal and Liberty shall cease to have any preemptive rights with respect to Equity Securities, except as otherwise provided with respect to Liberty in Section 3.01 of this Agreement.
Investment Agreement. This Senior Subordinated Debenture (the "Debenture") is one of three senior subordinated debentures to be executed and delivered by the Borrowers in connection with an investment being made by the Holder and two other parties in the Borrowers in the aggregate original principal amount of FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS ($15,000,000) pursuant to the terms and conditions of an Investment Agreement among the Borrowers, the Holder and certain other parties named therein, dated of even date herewith (the "Investment Agreement"). This Debenture and the other two senior subordinated debentures evidencing the investment (collectively, the "Other Debentures") are each subject to the terms and conditions of the Investment Agreement. A copy of the Investment Agreement may be examined during normal business hours at the Borrowers' offices. Terms not defined herein shall have the meanings assigned to them in the Investment Agreement.
Investment Agreement. The Investment Agreement is (i) in full force and effect, (ii) a valid, binding obligation of the Company and, to the Knowledge of the Company, the other parties thereto, and (iii) enforceable against the Company in accordance with its terms, subject to bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization and other Laws of general applicability relating to or affecting creditorsrights and to general equity principles. There does not exist any breach, violation or default (with or without notice, passage of time, or both) on the part of the Company or, to the Knowledge of the Company, any other party thereto, and, to the Knowledge of the Company, there does not exist any event, occurrence or condition, including the consummation of the Transactions, which (with or without notice, passage of time, or both) would, or would reasonably be expected to, constitute such a breach, violation or default.
Investment Agreement. Each holder of Common Shares shall have executed and delivered to Buyer the form of Investment Agreement attached as Exhibit G hereto.
Investment Agreement. JUNE.2013
Investment Agreement. Effective upon the acquisition of Shares pursuant to the Offer, Section 11 (Standstill) of the Investment Agreement shall be eliminated in its entirety and Sections 9.3 through 9.7 of the By-laws of the Company shall be eliminated in their entirety. At the Effective Time of the Merger, the Investment Agreement shall terminate in its entirety.