Investments Sample Clauses

Investments. Make any Investments, except:
Investments. No more than 45% of the “value” (as defined in Section 2(a)(41) of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (“Investment Company Act”)) of the Company’s total assets consist of, and no more than 45% of the Company’s net income after taxes is derived from, securities other than “Government Securities” (as defined in Section 2(a)(16) of the Investment Company Act) or money market funds meeting the conditions of Rule 2a-7 of the Investment Company Act.
Investments. Make or hold any Investments, except:
Investments. The SubAdviser is hereby authorized and directed and hereby agrees, subject to the stated investment policies and restrictions of the Fund as set forth in the Fund's prospectus, summary prospectus and/or statement of additional information, in each case as currently in effect and as supplemented or amended from time to time (collectively referred to hereinafter as the “Prospectus”) and subject to the directions and continuous oversight of the Adviser and the Fund’s Board of Trustees, to (i) regularly provide investment advice and recommendations to the Fund with respect to the Fund’s investments, investment policies and the purchase and sale of securities and other investments; (ii) supervise continuously the investment program of the Fund and the composition of its portfolio and determine what securities and other investments shall be purchased or sold by the Fund; and (iii) arrange, subject to the provisions of paragraphs (c) and (d) below, for the purchase of securities, and other investments for the Fund and the sale of securities and other investments held in the portfolio of the Fund. The Adviser agrees to provide the SubAdviser with such assistance as may be reasonably requested by the SubAdviser in connection with its activities under this Agreement, including, without limitation, information concerning the Fund, its assets available, or to become available, for investment and generally as to the conditions of the Fund or the Fund’s affairs.
Investments. Make any advance, loan, extension of credit (by way of guaranty or otherwise) or capital contribution to, or purchase any Capital Stock, bonds, notes, debentures or other debt securities of, or any assets constituting a business unit of, or make any other investment in, any Person (all of the foregoing, “Investments”), except:
Investments. Directly or indirectly acquire or own, or make any Investment in or to any Person, or permit any of its Subsidiaries so to do, other than Permitted Investments.
Investments. Directly or indirectly acquire or own, or make any Investment in or to any Person, or permit any of its Subsidiaries so to do, other than Permitted Investments; or maintain or invest any of its property with a Person other than Bank or permit any of its Subsidiaries to do so unless such Person has entered into an account control agreement with Bank in form and substance satisfactory to Bank; or suffer or permit any Subsidiary to be a party to, or be bound by, an agreement that restricts such Subsidiary from paying dividends or otherwise distributing property to Borrower.
Investments. The Borrower will not, and will not permit any of its Subsidiaries to, make, incur, assume or suffer to exist any Investment in any other Person, except:
Investments. Set forth on Schedule 3.12(b) is a complete and correct list, as of the Effective Date, of all Investments (other than Investments of the types referred to in clauses (b), (c) and (d) of Section 6.04) held by the Borrower or any of the Subsidiary Guarantors in any Person on the Effective Date and, for each such Investment, (x) the identity of the Person or Persons holding such Investment and (y) the nature of such Investment. Except as disclosed in Schedule 3.12, each of the Borrower and any of the Subsidiary Guarantors owned, free and clear of all Liens (other than Liens created pursuant to this Agreement or the Security Documents and Permitted Liens), all such Investments as of such date.