IT Services Sample Clauses

IT Services. The Manager shall provide (or cause to be provided) information technology services that are necessary for the Owner to perform and otherwise complete its business activities, including services for (a) the management and maintenance of computer networks and databases, technology systems, and phone networks and plans, (b) the development and implementation of plans and standards relating to information technology and procurement, (c) the development and implementation of security policies and systems for the computer databases and technology systems of the Owner and (d) the procurement and acquisition of any other information technology services requested by Owner.
IT Services. 22.1 The Managers will, subject to the remaining provisions of this Clause 22, provide the Vessel with the Management System Software.
IT Services. Each Project Statement entered into as of the Effective Date is attached hereto in Annex D (the Services identified in such Project Statements being referred to in this Agreement, collectively, as the “IT Services”). Supplier agrees, on the terms and subject to the conditions of this Agreement, to provide, or cause one or more of its Representatives to provide, to Buyer each of the IT Services for the applicable Transition Period indicated in each applicable Project Statement attached hereto in Annex D, and Buyer agrees to purchase and pay for the IT Services as provided for in Section 5.
IT Services. This clause 9 applies if the Services provided by the Consultant include any information technology services or services which involve the development of software or systems for MLA in addition to the terms which relate to Services generally.
IT Services. 1. Until all requisite IT services are taken over by Buyer, Seller will provide the same level and type of technical infrastructure and application system support and services as were being provided to the Company as of the Closing Date. This includes but is not limited to support/services for all required applications systems, data and voice networks, servers, email, telecommunications, internet, desktop, helpdesk, and data backup and recovery. Seller will not be obligated to provide any services previously provided by Refinery-based employees who will become employees of Buyer or any of its Affiliates at Closing. Further, Seller will not generally provide any Buyer employees with access to the Valero Intranet or any other Valero systems; however, Seller will provide former employees of Seller or its Affiliates or their replacements who are based at the Refinery with alternate means to access those Valero-retained applications necessary for them to continue to perform the required business functions of the Refinery and to enable Seller to perform the services under this agreement.
IT Services. 12.1 New scheme launches in Existing Territories, re-pricing, rate changes and interface programme amendments shall be in place in time for GECC deadline. Such deadline will always be at least 5 Business Days after GECC has notified GEFA.
IT Services. 2.1. We will provide the IT Services to you in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions of this Schedule.
IT Services. Lessor shall not have the right to designate or require that Lessee use any particular vendor or service provider for its telephone, internet or electronic media services. Lessee shall have the right to use any vendor or service provider, as selected by Lessee (at Lessee's sole cost and expense including any installation costs), of telephone system, internet provider or electronic media.